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Moreover, the Saudi Arabian government has budgeted to construct 27 new hospitals, in addition to the 117 hospitals and 8 medical cities already under construction.
In 2005 the Saudi Arabian government made purchasing health insurance compulsory for expatriates.
Saudi Arabians have traditionally travelled to neighbouring Bahrain -- a quick drive on the King Fahd Causeway for those living in Al Khobar -- but the political unrest in the country has pushed them to seek Gulf states that are a little further away, such as the UAE.
Dubai: Saudi Arabian tourists have played a role in boosting the UAE economy, which is led by trade and tourism.
The continuing saga of the development site at 383 Madison Avenue took an unexpected twist last week, as a group of Saudi Arabian investors in the partnership which currently owns the property announced plans to acquire the site under its fight of first refusal in the original partnership agreement with CS First Boston.
"This Saudi Arabian cultural exhibition is the first in Asia," Kim Hee-joo, a staffer for Ithra, told Arab News.
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