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type genus of the Saturniidae: emperor moth

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La de Saturnia en concreto se enmarca en el intenso proceso de creacion de colonias en las dos primeras decadas del siglo II.
This is usually the port for Rome, but our merry bunch was boarding a coach headed for Saturnia in the Tuscan countryside home to some beautiful hot sulphurous springs.
In 2003, the Portuguese in Canada celebrated the 50th anniversary of the 1953 arrival of the first official boatload of immigrants to Canada, aboard the ocean-liner the Saturnia.
Italy boasts many spa sites that are popular worldwide including Saturnia, Salso-maggiore and Ischia.
8220;This contract will be the largest installation of photovoltaic solar energy facilities in Hawaii's history,” said Island Pacific Energy president Joseph Saturnia.
In March 1956, Dante del Moro set out on the Saturnia ocean-liner taking him to Halifax.
13) The rest of Eclogue 6 also displays echoes from the fourth Eclogue: the Saturnia regna from 4.
Tunc plerique vota sua prevenientes in iubilo tam Saturnia regna quam Virginem redeuntem cum Marone cantabant.
The Constitution, Saturnia, America, Liberte, and Britannic lay one side of the Queen Mary, on which I was about to sail.
Saturnia, an Italian liner that had been used as a U.
Pitigliano, Sovana, Sorano, Saturnia and their tuff-rock cultures.
Photo remains a strategic category for chain drug retailers because of its traffic-generating capability," says Mike Saturnia, general manager for retail printing and vice president of sales at Eastman Kodak Co.
Over 125K in leasehold improvements with Saturnia Country Stone Marble floors throughout.
Warm colors, rich window treatments, crown molding, cathedral ceilings and Saturnia marble floors provide Old World elegance, while the gourmet kitchen and four-car garage make contemporary living easy.
Viajo de regreso a Brasil en el Monte Sarmiento, un navio menos confortable que el Saturnia y el New York de los anteriores viajes transatlanticos.