Saturday night special

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a cheap handgun that is easily obtained

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Gun expert Alan Birbeck, of Glasgow University Ballistics Impact Group, believes the tiny automatic weapon is a Saturday Night Special - a cheap throwaway gun often used by professional hitmen.
And he also discovered Lynyrd Skynyrd, signing them up and producing their first three albums which produced such classics as Free Bird, Sweet Home Alabama and Saturday Night Special.
My Saturday Night Special will continue to bring back many pleasant memories of a most enjoyable time of my life.
On slightly closer inspection, as you approach the cash register with your new Saturday Night Special, or that impulse-buy AK-47 or - for the ladies - a Black Widow handgun, it turns out that they are not lollipops after all.
That Christmas Saturday night special, which saw Aberdeen win 2-0, was a long way from the goal avalanches they were buried under by Celtic during Ebbe Skovdahl's early days in charge.
One columnist in the Detroit News postulated: "If the present legislation (passes), any paranoid whacko with enough cash to buy a Saturday Night Special will legally be able to carry it anyplace except schools, sports arenas and saloons.
Suker's Saturday night special came in the third minute of stoppage time.
Canada are next up for England, having conceded 60 points on their last Twickenham visit five years ago and another Saturday night special should not be ruled out.
Jack Killorin of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms labeled SKSs as "high-tech firearms at Saturday Night Special prices.
Saturday, September 6: Big Mouth Comedy Club - The Spa Hotel, Saltburn, 8pm Big Mouth's brand new Saltburn season gets off to flier with another Saturday night special down by tSpecial guest MC Peter hosts a typically stronup starring Pete JohaRob Rouse and Jack bell.
They are also offering a Saturday Night Special accommodation rate including Full Irish Breakfast of pounds 39.
They are the judges in the Saturday night special which includes Big Brother housemates Claire and Andy as well as Holby City heart-throb Jeremy Edwards and London's Burning's Heather Peace.
Numbers from the latest Saturday Night Special disc can be sampled at their optimum hour when the band plays at the Sanctuary tomorrow night.
Today the media has picked up on what was originally a racist term of derision, Saturday Night Special.