Saturday night special

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a cheap handgun that is easily obtained

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11193, a "Saturday Night Special" bill that would have banned manufacture of about three-quarters of the handguns then made.
By a gun that has slept with her in her room like a man, Girl thinks, "Every goodbye ain't gone," and prays for rebirth, the midnight-finish of the Saturday night special continually talking to her, the world passing by her window, the edges of her head and ashy black face lowered into the suffocating softness of her mattress, her sheets like moistened white tissue (or healing lotion) wiping the crying, the bed acting as a conjuring table, her sandals neatly placed together by her side, her mouth doing incantations that are blanketed, rushes of air now blowing her gently and changing her chants into whispers as though they were nothing, a few stray spooks on the street tipping in the wind to eavesdrop.
He managed to get a "Saturday Night Special" law passed, despite strong National Rifle Association opposition, that restricts the sale of certain guns and requires a waiting period.
Available from Network Publications is Saturday Night Special ...
Derogatively known by such epithets as "Saturday Night Special," and "Fly-apart," it is not uncommon for these to be completely unmarked or perhaps stamped with various colorful or evocative names.
William Yardley, in Sherrill's obituary in the New York Times, wrote: "In The Saturday Night Special, Mr.
Peter Vincent of promoters Ten Feet Tall said: "We're all sorted for another Saturday night special here.
In the late '70s, panicked by the proposal of much-ballyhooed bans on "Saturday Night Special" handguns, S&W quietly extended the tube to a true 4".
Saturday Night Special one night only, 6th May 2006.
He was in those rotting tenements where a dealer's pal was waiting downstairs with a Saturday night special to rip off the drugs that had just been sold.
MURDERED banker Alistair Wilson is feared to have been shot by a hitman using a palm-sized gun nicknamed a Saturday Night Special.
This Saturday night special is the richest match ever between two British junior welterweights.
THIS IS another Saturday night special from purveyors of commercial trance - Chicane.
This follows the shock they had when Croatia's Arsenal striker Davor Suker fired a Saturday night special in the third minute of stoppage time to deny the fighting Irish a plucky point against the World Cup semi-finalists in Zagreb.
The demonizing of various firearms by the gun banners took on a new, but anticipated, twist in May when a Congressional committee held a media-hearing on "sniper rifles." The same people who came up with the terms "Saturday Night Special," "Junk Gun," and "Assault Weapon" have decided they can identify another segment of firearms which can be given a frightening name and then can be banned.