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Synonyms for Saturday

the seventh and last day of the week


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Uncle William could not have his on Saturday, because he had a heavy day before him and he was always a little tired after a bath, so he had it on Friday.
"People who send word they are coming on Saturday shouldn't come on Friday," said Aunt Jamesina.
So Anna always made Jimmy Burns take her by Maggie's house every Saturday night so that her friend could go to the dance with them.
A little after noon on that distinguished Saturday I reached the ship and went on board.
They used to assemble in the parlour after supper on Saturday nights.
No," returned the stranger, "but once and away, and on a Saturday night too.
"Of course it is Saturday night, Peter," Wendy said, relenting.
Another week passed, a great battle that continued under the electric lights each night and that culminated on Saturday afternoon at three o'clock, when Joe tasted his moment of wilted triumph and then drifted down to the village to forget.
What do you say, Sir Patrick, to Saturday next (with Lady Lundie's permission) in this room?'--There is the substance of the captain's statement.
"Saturday, September 2d, he didn't come home to supper.
BUT there was no hilarity in the little town that same tranquil Saturday afternoon.
She had also asked him twice to dine at Rosings, and had sent for him only the Saturday before, to make up her pool of quadrille in the evening.
So relentlessly did my partner and I spring into our work throughout the week that by Saturday night we were frazzled wrecks.
All its life it had been asleep, but now it hardly got a chance for a nod, so swiftly did big events and crashing surprises come along in one another's wake: Friday morning, first glimpse of Real Nobility, also grand reception at Aunt Patsy Cooper's, also great robber raid; Friday evening, dramatic kicking of the heir of the chief citizen in presence of four hundred people; Saturday morning, emergence as practicing lawyer of the long-submerged Pudd'nhead Wilson; Saturday night, duel between chief citizen and titled stranger.
He was a medical student working for an imminent examination, and he heard nothing of the arrival until Saturday morning.