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Synonyms for saturation

the process of totally saturating something with a substance

the act of soaking thoroughly with a liquid

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a condition in which a quantity no longer responds to some external influence

chromatic purity: freedom from dilution with white and hence vivid in hue

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Wary of seeming too bold or unsophisticated, she says, homeowners sometimes avoid tints, highly saturated colors, and color contrasts at the cost of visual interest.
Dark, highly saturated colors can be used to avoid distraction from equipment, such as televisions, monitors, and projectors.
Solomon takes our eyes in every direction, following the circular motion of the saturated color spokes of a pinwheel of energy.
Fashion direction was two-pronged: black and white, or rich, saturated color.
These new pigment preparations combine low cost processing for brilliant and highly saturated color with outstanding opacity, as well as weather- and lightfastness, according to the company.
Klein's sponge sculptures are, in a way, the abstract versions of Dubuffet's: His mode of dematerialization was saturated color, while Dubuffet's was figuration.
Most human beings do not have a tolerance for large quantities of saturated color," Caan says.
We're using a lot of deep, saturated color on the walls," says Alicia Turner of Design Tec in San Diego.
The result is deeper, more saturated color reproduction, providing the movie industry s technical and creative staff with a means to view enhanced, true-to-life content on a large cinema screen format.
Multiple color sections may be designed on the same display and can be designed with either a solid saturated color or with regions of different color on the same display.
Compositionally sophisticated, rich in saturated color, and often moving, Verene's shots of Galesburg are his strongest to date.
Demme, in his first film since 1993's ``Philadelphia,'' weaves in flashbacks filmed in saturated color that gradually (and quite painfully) explain Sethe's harrowing past.
China: Continued strength of the Asian market will drive China's iconic symbolism of saturated color and large fields of color through 2008.
The rugs are made with a heavyweight canvas and a design painted in three layers, creating a saturated color, and then finished with a sealant.
There's more saturated color at work in this collection, especially in the upholstery.