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a governor of a province in ancient Persia

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What it can do in the given situation at best is to run helter-skelter and become a spoil-sport to thwart the crooked designs of traditional parties and help come up a new government led by any of the regional satraps -- call it Federal Front or Third Party -- but without the major parties, even without their outside support, and therefore incapable of completing even half the term in office.
Look at us," say Obama/Clinton and the EU satraps, "we're doing good.
That is the history that Yemen's would-be occupiers in Washington and their equally spineless satraps in Sana'a and Riyadh want to deny and whitewash, acts that are not serving them well in the occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Their performance in the first Test (bowled out for 51 in the second innings) has sparked fury back home and the satraps at Lord's are finding no place to hide.
To admit that Egypt can't even open its sovereign border without permission from Washington tells you all you need to know about the powerlessness of the satraps that run the Middle East for us," he wrote.
As for the Khedive of Egypt selling shares to Britain in 1875, John Bull was adept at propping up sybaritic satraps for its own purposes, i.
GORDON BROWN'S satraps should go back to their natural environment underneath rocks rather than attack Frank Field for illustrating his consistent support for those in poverty and their willingness to undermine the low paid for positive headlines.
To effectively rule his empire, Darius I introduced a number of administrative measures, two of which were the division of his empire into administrative units, satrapies, over which he placed satraps entrusted with civil authority alone, reserving military authority for another set of officials as a counterpoise to the power of the satraps.
Instead of visiting wrath and destruction upon conquered populations, he respected their customs while also offering local leaders important positions as imperial satraps.
Open societies, in which information circulates without impediment and in which the rule of law governs, are better defended against crises than satraps.
kings, senechals, satraps, seraphs, jesters, fletchers, peltasts, potters,
By the time the Administration concluded that it didn't have the votes for ratification and wanted a postponement, Helms's satraps had rounded up a solid majority against the treaty.
Instead of cautioning reason and trying to instil some little good sense into their satraps, the Sharif Brothers Inc.
Greed, corruption, high living, indolence and the pursuit of pleasure by its nobles and satraps helped to ensure its downfall.