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Synonyms for Satanism

a belief in and reverence for devils (especially Satan)

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It is not clear what the region's Satanists actually believe.
The Satanists were serious - an indication of just how far off the rails the GOP presidential campaign has gone.
Also at Christmastime, Satanists in Detroit set up a "Snaketivity Scene" on the lawn of the Michigan Capitol.
No Satanist (and, for that matter, no monkey) has yet to complain about my use of these images.
They lend the Satanists a glamorous, seductive, European allure.
Satanists, krishnaites, Unification Church of Moon, Falun Gong representatives and other sects function in Kyrgyzstan.
unusual religions old and new THE West Midlands is home to 178 self-proclaimed Satanists, new census data has revealed.
Walpurgis III is a novel about a world populated by Satanists that is confronted by Evil presenting a conundrum in ethics, The Branch tells of the real Messiah of the Old Testament who shows up at the end of the 21st century to exact vengeance, and all stories confront ideas of God and religion.
While the house was locked up it was broken into twice by Satanists and iron bars have now been put on the windows.
SATANISTS are recruiting members in Scotland through an online classifieds site.
Summary: From Satanists desecrating Islam's holy book to journalists who publically criticize them, Saudi Arabia's religious police flexed their muscles on Sunday and cracked down hard with a sweep
A LIVERPOOL band about to play to more than 1,000 fans in Tunisia had the plug pulled on their concert when authorities believed rumours they were Satanists.
RUSSIA: Eight suspected satanists have been arrested in Russia for allegedly stabbing to death and eating the body parts of four local teenagers, it was reported yesterday.
International experts on nontraditional religions, Satanists, law enforcement specialists, and Christian clergy analyze the attraction of Satanism in the contemporary world; sort actual practices from media reports and public panic about ritual child sexual abuse and murder and discuss how the Internet contributes to the movement's decentralization.
A film version of Rosemary's Baby, which tells the story of a young bride involved with Satanists, was made in 1968, directed by Roman Polanski and starring Mia Farrow.