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Synonyms for Satanism

a belief in and reverence for devils (especially Satan)

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No Satanist (and, for that matter, no monkey) has yet to complain about my use of these images.
Chaz Stevens, a converted Satanist from being Pabstfestidian, penned a letter to councils at Deerfield Beach asking permission to start a Commission meeting with his Satanic prayer.
They lend the Satanists a glamorous, seductive, European allure.
The Satanic Bible, which LaVey penned in 1969, states that Satanists believe in "vengeance over turning the other cheek".
Summary: From Satanists desecrating Islam's holy book to journalists who publically criticize them, Saudi Arabia's religious police flexed their muscles on Sunday and cracked down hard with a sweep
A LIVERPOOL band about to play to more than 1,000 fans in Tunisia had the plug pulled on their concert when authorities believed rumours they were Satanists.
RUSSIA: Eight suspected satanists have been arrested in Russia for allegedly stabbing to death and eating the body parts of four local teenagers, it was reported yesterday.
International experts on nontraditional religions, Satanists, law enforcement specialists, and Christian clergy analyze the attraction of Satanism in the contemporary world; sort actual practices from media reports and public panic about ritual child sexual abuse and murder and discuss how the Internet contributes to the movement's decentralization.
A film version of Rosemary's Baby, which tells the story of a young bride involved with Satanists, was made in 1968, directed by Roman Polanski and starring Mia Farrow.
Scott Speedman, left, and Wes Bentley star as buddies who run into a group of satanists as they're trying to bury a friend at an old drive-in theater in "Weirdsville.
SUSPECTED Satanists have butchered animals and built a grisly altar from their hearts.
Following the rise of popularity in Satanism from the 1960s down to today, Satanic Killings studies the minds, lives and backgrounds of the underground cult-oriented predators and devil worshiping murderers involved in these ruthless murders including serial killers, vampire broods, neo-nazis, and Satanists, including their pop culture, sociological, and psychological influences.
Many of those people involved with Adolf Hitler were Satanists, many of them were homosexuals.
Under the act, Satanists and witches would be able to complain about Catholic priests or Anglicans, for example, "vilifying" their beliefs.