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an adherent of Satan or Satanism

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An unintended consequence of this and other recent court rulings knocking holes in the wall between church and state is that Satanists, pagans, and pranksters have eagerly embraced their newfound right to express their spiritual beliefs on public time and property:
The release noted that on the very same day we announced our agreement to represent the Satanists, we also supposedly opposed a bill in Michigan to protect religious freedom.
She was overseeing a scene in which a very pregnant Rosemary, played by Zoe Saldana of "Avatar'' fame, tells an obstetrician-gynecologist that she's pretty sure her husband is in league with Satanists.
I think it's ironic that the Christians got violent with the Satanist.
I often use this example--and I haven't seen anybody publish it yet--if you had a child custody case in which the parents appeared otherwise equally able to parent the child but one was a Christian or a Jewish person and the other was a Satanist, who do you give the child to?
Often teens who are attracted to Satanist groups are simply innocent students who think that they are playing a more adult game of Dungeons and Dragons or imitating a favorite recording star.
A satanist killed his Christian best friend by plunging a knife into his neck in an unprovoked attack, following a drunken argument.
And while the aunt is not very gifted, her spoiled son is a sincere Satanist.
Ellis, who teaches English and American studies at Penn State Hazelton, takes readers on a tour of the Satanist horizon that surveys a wide array of occult phenomena and sources.
Chapters include: myths, cults, and culture; the birth of the Devil; God versus Satan; children in satanic rituals; juvenile satanism; satanism and criminal law; the satanist as criminal--does the satanist pose a threat?
In a blatant attempt to curry favor with the integral S/M swing vote, party planners hired a self-described Indian satanist performance artist who had a pentagram carved in his back, got urinated on, and then had a bottle of Jack Daniels planted in his behind.
A tale of 19th-century satanists interwoven with a life of the medieval satanist Gilles de Rais, the book introduces Durtal, clearly an autobiographical protagonist.
Playing at being a Satanist can be entertaining, both in its own right and because of the reaction that it provokes from others.
He approaches the claims of a Satanist conspiracy as a social phenomenon.
At the time that he committed the crime, Sellers was 16 years old and a practicing Satanist.