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an adherent of Satan or Satanism

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The release noted that on the very same day we announced our agreement to represent the Satanists, we also supposedly opposed a bill in Michigan to protect religious freedom.
She was overseeing a scene in which a very pregnant Rosemary, played by Zoe Saldana of "Avatar'' fame, tells an obstetrician-gynecologist that she's pretty sure her husband is in league with Satanists.
Daniel Romano, a self-described Satanist who was attacked in Queens, New York by two teenagers (New York Times, Jan.
I often use this example--and I haven't seen anybody publish it yet--if you had a child custody case in which the parents appeared otherwise equally able to parent the child but one was a Christian or a Jewish person and the other was a Satanist, who do you give the child to?
Often teens who are attracted to Satanist groups are simply innocent students who think that they are playing a more adult game of Dungeons and Dragons or imitating a favorite recording star.
A satanist killed his Christian best friend by plunging a knife into his neck in an unprovoked attack, following a drunken argument.
And while the aunt is not very gifted, her spoiled son is a sincere Satanist.
Ellis, who teaches English and American studies at Penn State Hazelton, takes readers on a tour of the Satanist horizon that surveys a wide array of occult phenomena and sources.
Chapters include: myths, cults, and culture; the birth of the Devil; God versus Satan; children in satanic rituals; juvenile satanism; satanism and criminal law; the satanist as criminal--does the satanist pose a threat?
In a blatant attempt to curry favor with the integral S/M swing vote, party planners hired a self-described Indian satanist performance artist who had a pentagram carved in his back, got urinated on, and then had a bottle of Jack Daniels planted in his behind.
At the time that he committed the crime, Sellers was 16 years old and a practicing Satanist.
The Forsyth County Housing and Community Development released on Thursday an almost 10-minute video of the home of Pazuzu Illah Algarad, a Satanist, which showed extremely stomach-churning footage of a house filled with litter, animal waste and pentagram-covered walls filled with depictions of the devil.
1944 DIED Woody Herman, US bandleader, 1987, above Duane Allman, rock guitarist, 1971 Anton LaVey, US Satanist, 1997
1875: Modern-day Satanist, Aleister Crowley -once dubbed 'the wickedest man in the world'' -was born in Leamington, Warwickshire.
Richard Massey (Bill Pullman), whose daughter was recently murdered by a Satanist, whom she locates via the comatose teen's sketchy map, which also includes the uncanny replication of a drawing by Massey's daughter.