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Synonyms for Satan

The Devil


Synonyms for Satan

(Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions) chief spirit of evil and adversary of God

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Reading Christ and Satan along these lines, readers' firsthand knowledge of Satan's sorrows would evoke pleasure in the knowledge of their own potential for salvation, a potential that is foreclosed for Satan.
All those who Satan interviews have been part of Jacob's history, beginning with Death, who tells of Jacob's birth in a small village in Yemen.
Satan enters Eden, likewise iepoc in its unblemished closeness to God, and does this through a 'borrowed visage' (Milton 4.
The first was the old idea of "the pact," expressed first in a story of the biblical Theophilus, who became disgruntled with events and sold his soul to Satan (but later renounced the pact and swore fealty to the Virgin), which became a political accusation through subsequent centuries.
Satan is with us to misguide our anger towards reckless and dangerous direction.
Downey told The Blaze that she was disappointed, saddened and surprised when Satan stole the spotlight from Jesus in 'The Bible' with the comparisons between Satan and Obama.
Dante's 14th century epic poem, The Divine Comedy, represented Satan as a giant, slobbering, three-faced demon with bat wings.
As mentioned above, the New Testament describes Jesus in detail, but the Bible is relatively silent about Satan and demons in general.
Rather, the poem's "redemptive gestures reside in its construction of a fallen poetics," the model for which is initially located in Satan (16).
Satan appears in the Qur'an over seventy times, either as Iblis or as al-shaytan, (1) the latter sometimes accompanied by the epithet al-rajim.
WHEN Satan returns to Hell after successfully tempting Eve, he does not receive the victory cheers that he expects.
The dire consequences of disobedience would be far worse than anything The Son of Satan could devise and so I contented myself with a small gin and tonic and left.
explores the poetics used in the depiction of Satan in Milton's Paradise Lost and argues that the Fall reorients Satan's language and thus self-identification especially with regard to the state of being fallen.
The book also explores another set of arguments embedded in historical Christian theology: "The quest for the historical Satan .