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any of various prickly climbing plants of the tropical American genus Smilax having aromatic roots and heart-shaped leaves

carbonated drink flavored with an extract from sarsaparilla root or with birch oil and sassafras

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The cocktails and spirits section of the beverage menu highlights a handful of house-made schnapps, including sasparilla (the most popular), blackberry, mint and orange and basil-honey.
There will also be a free temperance bar serving sasparilla.
We spent our pocket money on halfpenny buns and a bottle of sasparilla, and set forth one Saturday morning.
Small-batch distilled Aviation, named for the classic cocktail, was introduced in 2006; the dry gin highlights its botanical mix of cardamom, lavender, coriander, anise seed, Indian sasparilla, dried orange peel and juniper.
Free concerts at the Schwab include Dance to the Music (June); Roots of Creation (June 15); Misty River (June 22); Young Dubliners (June 29); Sasparilla Jug Band (July 13); Abino!