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a native or inhabitant of Sardinia

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the Italian dialect spoken in Sardinia

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There has, however, been a rather conspicuous addition which doesn't sit totally comfortably with the restaurant's "authentic" appeal: Sardinian tapas.
The scheme provided financing to the Sardinian airports of Cagliari and Olbia, which in turn used it to provide financial compensation to selected airlines.
On October 2, Segamentu de Ancas , the Sardinian translation of Zakaria Tamer's Taksir Rukab (Riyad el-Rayyes Books, Beirut, 2002) appeared in Sardinia's bookshops.
Set in the dullest outskirts of the Sardinian city of Sassari, the pic is meant as a comment on distanced father-son relationships and, even more, on Italy's disastrous socioeconomic climate, in which young people into their 30s have little motivation to succeed.
The Sardinian Cookbook focuses on a small island in the Mediterranean and provides many dishes classic to and unique to the area, making this an outstanding survey recommended for any interested in international cuisines.
BRIAN McDermott has been thrown a Sardinian olive branch by Leeds' incoming owners but it may take more than the latest twist in a bewildering state of affairs to restore order at Elland Road.
Sardinian cooking is about the hills: wild boar, baby lamb, pecorino, bread soup, and, most famous of all, the suckling pig.
A large fleet of warships from NATO's Response Force (NRF) are currently conducting manoeuvres as part of the "Brilliant Marine" exercise off Italy's Sicilian and Sardinian coasts, said a NATO press release tonight.
If the name didn't give it away, Mocci is Italian and he was tasked that evening with providing guests on the Lebanese American University campus with traditional Sardinian fare -- food influenced in large part by Arab invasions and its North African neighbors.
The committee reviewed the petition submitted by the Sardinian association ProSardegnaNoGasdotto just as Algeria decided to postpone until May its decision on building the gas pipeline.
It added that the plan was announced by Alberto Ragnedda, mayor of Sardinian town Arzachena.
It added that the plan was announced by Alberto Ragnedda, amyor of Sardinian town Arzachena.
The tale of the legendary Sardinian hero Samuele Stocchino is brought to vivid life in this artful blend of history, myth, and inspired fiction.
ACAGLIARI president Massimo Cellino has suspended himself from his role in charge of the Sardinian club after he caused a home Serie A match against Roma to be called off.
My Sardinian novel is behind schedule, but that's just because it's got its own soundtrack," he says "It mainly takes place in Liverpool and Nottingham between 1978-94, but the Sardinian content is crucial so that's slowing me down, too.