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The cost of producing one litre of Sarda Milk is at least Rs 10 per litre more than sourcing from a farmer.
Add the fregola sarda and toast in the pan for two minutes.
Despite the vaccine-injury cases he's won, Sarda said he's a "firm believer in vaccines" and that vaccine injuries are "very rare.
Sarda Wales has around a dozen fully trained dogs that can be called out for a rescue, but Rob says they're always looking for new dogsbodies to help with young dog training.
7 December 2010 - CRISIL said yesterday it had raised its ratings on the bank facilities of Sarda Plywood Industries Ltd (BOM:516003) to BB/stable/P4+ from B+/stable/P4.
A jubiliant Sarda told Gulf News: oIAEm on top of the worldo.
Following a brief preface by Goffredo Fofi (9-10) and an introduction by Franco Manai (11-14), this book about the contemporary Sardinian author Giulio Angioni contains the following chapters: "Il contadino e l'intellettuale": i racconti di A fogu aintru"" (15-44); "Andata e ritorno: l'emigrazione sarda in Sardonica"" (45-76); "Il mito della caverna: L'oro di Fraus e Il sale sulla ferita" (77-100); "Verso la lirica: Il gioco del mondo" (101 -08); "Il cielo stellato del tenente Manca: Lo sprofondo"" (109-40); "L'epica minimalista di Millant'anni" (141-86); "Il ritorno impossibile: La casa della palma" (187-202); "La narrative lirica del Mare intorno" (203-32); and "Il pastore e la provetta: l'autenticita in Assandira"" (233-46).
The order, received in cooperation with the Spanish bus bodybuilder Irizar, covers the delivery of 210 intercity buses to the Sardinian bus operator Azienda Regionale Sarda Trasporti.
L'edizione di un classico in lingua sarda e sempre un evento da salutare con piacere percho conferma la continuita d'interesse per la letteratura che ormai da vari decenni viene curata, promossa, riscoperta dopo essere stata relegata nella penombra del colore locale e nella categoria della produzione "dialettale," che e come dire produzione di qualita inferiore e dilettantesca.
By Mike Derderian Star Staff Writer Gazing at the spellbinding creations of Octavio Sarda takes one's imagination to the moment his wax carvings melt under extreme heat as they are cast into silver.
He was a great ambassador for Sarda and a lovely dog.
Sarda recruited Brazilian babe Raica Oliveira, the sweetheart of Real Madrid's Ronaldo, to strut her stuff.
We will be focusing on the southern region this year to increase our market share," said Sandeep Sarda, COO, Shalimar Paints.
Jordi Sarda Pons and Maria Jose Perez Lacasta, wish to deeply apologize for unwittingly plagiarizing parts of your work.
Marisa Sarda (Post, Jun 8) calls for the establishment of a regional assembly on the grounds that it will improve Midlanders' access to information, currently being denied to us by a Prime Minister who condones his ministers lying to the public, misleading their own backbenchers and denying journalists and the Parliamentary Ombudsman access to information.