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characterized by the formation of pseudopods for locomotion and taking food: Actinopoda

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184 of length 9: Kailembwa (Kenya), maledicta, Pakefield (England), panelling, ranckling, rape field, reponsive, sarcodina, sarcolema, sarcolite, scriptive, sepiolite, serioline, sermonize, shrilling, shrimpish, shrinking, tapiolite, thrilling, thripling, torporize, varioline, variolite, vestryize, Wakefield, war-engine, water-fish, Waterford (England), waterfowl, water-gild, water-hole, waterline, water-size, wavellite, wave-slope 38 of length 10: malliogres, sarcoglias, sarcognomy, self-fields, sermon-goer, walling wax, washing-way, water-fight, waterflies, water-herbs, waterlimes, water-liner, waterpores, yours truly
Observations of the heliozoean genera Pinaciophora and Acanthocystis (Heliozoa, Sarcodina, Protozoa) from Ellis Fjord, Antarctica.
Thecamoebian" is an informal term used to characterize a special group of testate prototists (agglutinated or autogenous) that belong to the Subphylum Sarcodina.