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I sympathize with this position, because it pains me to watch the Serbs bombard Sarajevo with impunity, but I reject this approach on the grounds that it implies that the world community has no stake of its own in Bosnia--that it's simply a matter of letting the warring parties fight it out among themselves.
To tell the story of the war, he looks at it through the eyes of the staff of the Sarajevo newspaper, Oslobodjenje, in unvarnished personal detail.
Salvo, Sarajevo It matters not for devils incarnate have killed the souls and hearts and minds of millions bought the politicians, bundled up the workers in the ammunition factories of the world 'to improve the economy', 'reduce unemployment' -- kill and, Salvo Sarajevo.
On that occasion, an evening of remembrance 'City Hall out of Spite' was held at Inat kuca (Spite House) at A eher-Cehaja's Bridge, hosted by Sarajevo Mayor Abdulah Skaka and the leadership of JP Sarajevo Ltd.
The first Qatar Airways non-stop flight from Doha to Sarajevo touched down on Tuesday at Sarajevo International Airport, where it was greeted with a traditional water cannon salute.
Yesterday Debbie was the center of attention at an event to plant trees on a Sarajevo hillside devastated during the war in Bosnia in the early 1990s.
I particularly remember my visits to the besieged Sarajevo. Describing life there, I wrote: `If it was a nice, sunny day and the shooting had stopped, people could walk beside the Miljacka River.
It's about the children of Sarajevo, about those who are not children anymore, who don't cry anymore, who don't have tears anymore, because there are no tears in hell.
Though Serbs and Croats as well as Muslims practice ganga, Petrovic's comment is obviously no metaphor for politics, and the Bosnia collection doesn't work as background music to For/Za Sarajevo, a living tombstone of essays and classic texts running in both English and Serbo-Croatian.
Turkish director Emin Alper for "A Tale of Three Sisters" won "Heart of Sarajevo" for best director.
Thanks to an anonymous 25,000-tree pledge, contributions to AMERICAN FORESTS' Global Releaf Sarajevo tree-planting campaign will be doubled, tree-for-tree through October 1.
Haris Pasovic, the director of Sarajevo's theater, remains full of projects: He is planning a workshop for architects on how to reconstruct Sarajevo and he has a new play, Silk Drums, based on Noh theater, which tours community centers, soup kitchens, and hospitals.
Jusuf Hadzifejzovic started to make his "depots" in 1984 in Sarajevo, where he lived before the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina began.