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While both brothers articulated a religious commitment to the moral improvement of India, and both asserted the need for the acculturation of pedagogic schemes and material, John Muir emerged as the reclusive Sanskritist with a distaste for inter-cultural denunciation, while the more careerist, combative but also sociable William Muir became the Evangelical Arabist, using his specialist knowledge to engage in public debates over the relative values of Christianity and Islam.
During the last three decades, between 1979-2009, I studied medieval Newari texts, literary, historical and epigraphic, edited/translated some, compiled words from these, coordinated a major lexicon-cum-dictionary project comprising a database of nearly32,, 000 older words yet I find some of the documents compiled here read like jigsaw puzzle Recently, Sheldon Pollock, a leading Western Sanskritist has written
The topical index is an extremely diligent piece of work that will be useful for a wide, non-specialist audience, while the word index is aimed more specifically at Sanskritists (though it also includes a number of terms in other languages, such as Old Persian, Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Latin and Tibetan, and other Indian languages.
An Oxford University symposium on the bicentenary of his death in 1994, edited by Murray, required separate contributions from a Sanskritist and an Arabist, a theologian, a lawyer (Jones was a judge) and an anthropologist, among others.
This first important American Sanskritist and linguist described Sanskrit grammar as "a miracle of ingenuity, but of perverse and wasted ingenuity.
But our Sanskritist colleague's presentation of them in his reading of sakuntala opened the students' eyes to the cultural specificity of literary categories and the illogic of any theory of genre that would simply transplant literary form across the globe.
Vyakul, who died in May at sixty-nine, was no "outsider"; he was a tantric scholar and Sanskritist, a learned and avid collector of devices used in magic and ritual, and a founder of what has become the richest private museum of folk and tantric art in India.
Two worlds alone are worth a man's devotion," wrote the Sanskrit poet Bhartrihari - I use the version of my late friend and sometime co-conspirator, the great Sanskritist Barbara Stoler Miller - "The youth of beautiful women wearied by heavy breasts/And full of fresh wine's heady ardor for sport, or the forest.
Clooney's books are never anything less than erudite and elegant, the work of a conscientious and skilled Sanskritist who is also an experienced Christian theologian.
A Sanskritist within Buddhist studies, Covill has translated Paegil pommun from Korean.
28), written by the king's Sanskritist wife Indradevi (George Coedes, 'Inscription du Bayon K.
Mill and his achievements as a Sanskritist at Bishop's College, Calcutta, and Terence Ranger's account of the adaptations made by the UMCA missionary Vincent Lucas and his African colleagues, Reuben Namalowe and Kolumba Msigala, to the (male) initiatory rites of the Makua and Yao peoples of Masasi.
The nineteenth century Sanskritist Max Muller drew attention to the fact that
22) The idea that the Balinese knew the Vedas goes back to the report published by the German Sanskritist Rudolf Friederich (1849-50), who had been sent by the Batavian Society of Arts and Sciences with the first military expedition against Bali in 1846 to collect manuscripts and other artefacts.
A succinct and easily graspable paradigm for the development of Hindu Yogini Tantra has been put forward by Alexis Sanderson, an Oxford Sanskritist with an intimate knowledge of Kashmiri Shivaism, much of it studied in manuscripts that have never been edited or translated.