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(legend) chalice used by Christ at the Last Supper

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Barfield devotes a large number of his notations to sections of Malory's Morte which mention Galahad, the pure-hearted son of Sir Lancelot and one of the few to "achieve the Sangreal" (2:130).
Curious myths of Middle Ages; the sangreal, Pope Joan, the wandering Jew, and others.
The Merovingian dynasty--the Frankish kings who ruled during the early Dark Ages before the era of Charlemagne--were of the bloodline of Jesus, says Brown, so the Holy Grail of medieval legend ("sangreal," or "royal blood" in medieval French, according to Brown) is also part of the story.
Others are Cut Quartz, Morozov, Martaline, Sangreal, Westerner and Ana Marie.
Other acceptors include Cut Quartz, Morozov, Martaline, Mont Rocher, Sangreal, Westerner and Ana Marie.
The best of the Celtic Swings conceived in England were the Group 2-placed pair Celtic Silence and Torrigiana, while Sangreal, Group 2-placed in France, came from a crop conceived Down Under.
John Tucker, an episcopal priest, lived long enough to drift into journalism from the ministry, in and out of Roman Catholicism, and from socialism, into the Republican Party (though long after 1920) by way of the Arthurian `Order of the Sangreal," which he founded.
He understands the mysteries of the Sangreal and arranges the conception of Galahad, the knight who is to achieve the quest and cure the wounded king.
(also Holy Grail and Sangreal) A famous talisman (variously represented as a chalice, dish, stone, and cup into which a lance drips blood), the center around which a huge corpus of medieval legend, romance, and allegory revolves.
Racing on good-to-firm ground that was almost certainly quicker than she likes, Aquarelliste raced fourth off a steady pace set by Sangreal. She led well over a furlong from home and quickened for a second time when challenged by Falbrav.
The other seven tales are King Arthur and the Emperor Lucius, Sir Launcelot du Lake, Sir Gareth, The Book of Sir Tristram of Lyoness, The Tale of the Sangreal, The Book of Sir Launcelot and Queen Guinevere, and Le Morte d'Arthur.
The other three were Act One, Aquarelliste and Sangreal. Act One did not quite get home behind Sulamani in the Jockey- Club, and his trainer Jonathan Pease reported yesterday: "We are pondering between the Grand Prix de Paris, the Irish Derby and the Eclipse Stakes.
should again hold Sangreal and Ange Gabriel, who were second and third that day.
The four-year-old son of Arc runner-up Freedom Cry, partnered by Davy Bonilla, had the race under control with a furlong to run and eventually passed the post three lengths clear of Sangreal, the mount of Olivier Peslier.