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any of various small dipterous flies

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My personal preference for sight casting pompano on spinning gear is to use jigs, but live or dead sandfleas, shrimp or a shrimp-and-jig combination are also deadly.
For now there are good numbers of sheepies stacked up around beach rocks and ICW dock pilings, where fiddler crabs, sandfleas and shrimp are super effective at attracting bites.
Some fishermen like to paint the lead on their lures with a bright orange or red powdercoat paint to mimic the egg sac of a sandflea.
Here their natural beach prey--croakers, spot and whiting--swarm as they feed on clams and sandfleas churned by breaking waves.
Earlier generations of sailors shoveled ballast into their ships: rocks, earth, scrap metal, any other heavy portside debris - along with the resident beetles, earthworms, sandfleas, and seeds.
If you don't have sandfleas, small pieces of cut clam work well, and the clams can be bought at tackle shops.
Yes, whiting will take sandfleas, cut squid, small pieces of cut mullet, or maybe even small pieces of scented baits like Berkley Gulp.
Pompano take sandfleas, clam and shrimp on two-and three-hook rigs commonly.