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a sandglass that runs for sixty minutes

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The shower sand-timer, the idea of Shaikh Abdul Aziz Al Nuaimi from Ajman is not on the market but adapting any sand timer for this purpose is a step in the right direction.
He said: "Food-induced transcription functions like a metabolic sand timer that runs for 24 hours and is continually reset by the feeding schedule while the central circadian clock is driven by self-sustaining rhythms that help us anticipate food, based on our usual eating schedule.
The latter contains items such as a diary where you note how you feel when you tuck into something sweet, or a sand timer so you wait one minute before ripping open that wrapper.
IPPR's report was carried out by Newcastle-based organisation The Sand Timer which argues action needs to be taken to remove barriers obstructing older people from getting jobs.
Hack a sand timer for roughly 30 seconds and toss the end of the string overboard with a drag device tied on the end.
Using an inclined plane, that is, a funnel, as a sand timer allows students to link the definition of simple machines to the idea that machines make work easier for people.
of Starbucks(R) Christmas Blend whole bean coffee, four-minute sand timer and a two-tablespoon coffee scoop.