sand shark

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shallow-water shark with sharp jagged teeth found on both sides of Atlantic

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He also reassures me that sand tiger sharks are a very docile breed and although they may look fierce, they never attack humans - unless provoked.
Time Off can guarantee four family tickets to the lucky readers who can tell us how long are the sand tigers you will be able to see.
Three sandbar sharks and three sand tigers will be released into the
Blue PlanetAquariumat Cheshire Oaks, Ellesmere Port, is home to the largest shark collection in Europe and visitors can enjoy close encounters with everything from dogfish and bamboo sharks to bizarre-looking zebra sharks and giant, three-metre-long sand tigers.
Although sand tigers can eat just about anything they want - and swallow it whole - like most sharks, they are not known to attack humans.
There are three female Sand Tigers at Deep SeaWorld - Tinkerbell, Patch and Hook - and one male called Murphy.
They were diving with a range of sharks including Sand Tigers, Lemon sharks, Nurse sharks, Wobbegongs, Bamboo sharks, Southern Stingrays and other species of fish found in the Caribbean.
Visitors can also adopt a share in one of the aquarium's larger animals, such as sand tigers and otters.
While all sharks are potentially dangerous, these Sand Tigers, despite being big and scary looking, are used to captivity and seeing divers in the water with them.