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a windstorm that lifts up clouds of dust or sand

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These will provide services based on the systems and applications that contribute to urban planning; monitoring various environmental changes; assessing natural climatic factors, such as sand storms and fog; determining water quality in the region and monitoring the red tide; in addition to supporting aid missions and disaster relief.
Temperatures can reach 50C and runners will face sand storms and endless sand dunes as they run a total distance of 156 miles.
Ahmad Ali Keykha, the deputy head of the Environmental Protection Department, criticized the Majlis for eliminating the minimal budget the department had managed to convince the Rohani Administration to set aside for dealing with the problem of sand storms.
This is impressive, especially when one considers the varying temperatures, vicious sand storms, challenging topography, and quantities of sand that have to be moved (130mn cubic metres in total).
LG s new billboard is in addition planned to hold up against strong winds and sand storms thanks to a huge steel supporting structure that weighs 1,800 tons.
Sand storms destroy 809 houses and cause losses in lives northern of Shendi.
The freak fog, which is expected to start lifting tomorrow, is a result of toxic air combining with Saharan sand storms, which have drifted 2,000 miles from North Africa to settle over the UK.
Drivers should be more careful during changing weather conditions especially sand storms, rain and fog, which affect visibility," he said.
In a statement, Iraqi environment minister Sargon Slai'o stated that the talks concentrated on fighting against sand storms, mines, natural habitats and joint committees in different environmental activities.
Sand storms are most common during the summer months of June to August, when temperatures can reach 50[degrees]C
Its ruggedized aluminum construction is durable and can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as rain, snow, sleet, salt, ice, high winds, and sand storms.
A model of the world's largest sculpture, planned for Abu Dhabi, is being put through weather testing to see if it can withstand the gruelling sand storms of the UAE desert.
It demonstrates our ability to create an environment that is safe for everyone on site even in austere weather conditions with temperatures reaching 45 degrees Celsius and sand storms at around 60km/hr on most days.
They may re-consider their statement about the company's ability to deliver good results unless by that they mean concrete skeletons left to crumble in the high temperatures, sand storms, high humidity and sea climate of Bahrain.
The agreement will also see studies on the effects high temperature, sand storms and dry conditions on the fuel cell systems, so as to come up with more efficient designs.