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33) Central Hindu College de Benares; Sanatana Dharma.
Beneath this ecumenical surface, one finds that sanatana dharma is in actuality a recoding of Hinduism, for example, Amma says, "The great souls living in different countries during different epochs gave their disciples instructions on how to attain God (or the Ultimate Truth).
Por ello sanatana dharma (el nombre original del hinduismo) se traduce como "el orden perenne", el que subyace a toda ordenacion.
there is no possibility of a fruitful relationship between the sanatana dharma .
The Hindus themselves called their moral order sanatana dharma, a concept hard to translate from the Sanskrit.
Sanatana Dharma, the timeless philosophy of India, sums up its philosophical discussion of time with two mutually opposing paths for humanity to choose from.
In the Sanatana Dharma, the ageless Indian wisdom, Sun occupies the pride of place.
I wonder why people fight on this Hindu-Muslim issue," said Rani Pushpa Aggarwal, Principal of the Sanatana Dharma Senior Secondary School.