San Salvador

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the capital and largest city of El Salvador

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From San Salvador, these passengers -- mostly from Chandigarh and Jalandhar -- were suspected to have been transported to Mexico by sea, aviation sources told Mail Today, adding that a Punjab agent made arrangements for their travel.
UN women has been working since 2014 with Laalcaldia Municipal de San Salvador, carrying out technical assistance for harmonizing municipal policy on equality and gender equity.
I go to church every week," said Luiz Fernando Presa, a resident of San Salvador.
United also operates twice-daily flights to San Salvador from its Houston hub.
In cooperation with OPAMSS, Seguridad Inalambrica is continuing operations in Santa Tecla and now expanding to additional municipalities in the San Salvador metropolitan area, including Antiguo Cuscatlan, San Martin, San Salvador, Apopa, Ciudad Delgado and Ayutuxtepeque.
The company has announced that for year 2011, guests at Hilton Princess San Salvador hotel, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula hotel and Hilton Princess Managua hotel, will be able to access a main VIP Lounge in the San Salvador airport.
ambassador's residence in San Salvador, El Salvador, no plaques or photographs commemorated it.
Summary: San Salvador - Secretary General to the Foreign ministry Youssef Armani paid on Wednesday a visit to San Salvador, as part of a tour that will take him to several Latin American countries.
EL SALVADOR: Police said they found the remains of what they believe to be eight to 10 gang victims at the bottom of a well outside the capital San Salvador.
They can improve income, help to build a credit history, generate savings and help build financial stability," says Vanessa Vizcarra, MFI's Latin America regional manager in San Salvador.
He was ordained a priest at Gregorian University in Rome in 1942 and in 1977 he was chosen as archbishop of San Salvador, El Salvador's capital.
While Santa Clarita resident Mario Matute lost his bid for alternate for the territory of San Salvador, officials were still counting votes and will determine by Saturday whether Werner Marroquin of Pomona won a seat on the Central American Parliament, or Parlamento Centroamericano.
The Iraqi people can find much to admire in El Salvador's recent history," Rumsfeld said in San Salvador on November 11, 2004.
But Urioste encountered the new archbishop a short while afterward when he was leaving the grounds of the seminary in San Salvador as Romero was arriving.
Rome--It has been 25 years since 62-year-old Archbishop Oscar Romero of San Salvador was gunned down as he celebrated Mass in a hospital chapel.
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