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a town in western California to the north of Oakland on an arm of San Francisco Bay

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2023 Vale Road, Suite 3 San Pablo, CA 94806 1-877-451-9361
One of the three injured is in critical condition while the two others were brought back to San Pablo.
They said they were being fired at by men with powerful firearms, Mayor Belman Mantos of San Pablo, Zamboanga del Sur, also told the Inquirer.
Since joining the campaign, the San Pablo City Council unanimously passed a Health Element, fully supported by the city manager, including a new Health Commission to support the effort.
At the end of last year Torner's paintings and sculptures were re-housed in the church of San Pablo to a scheme by the Madrid-based partnership of Angela de Paredes and Ignacio Pedrosa.
At San Pablo, he found five former patients of the original leper colony and included them among the 90 extras at that locale.
She took three small glasses of hard liquor and, using a kitchen knife, sliced her abdomen and delivered a male infant that breathed immediately and cried,' said Dr Robert Valle in San Pablo.
San Pablo Bay NWR The refuge began the restoration of 72 acres (29 ha) of low-yield hayfields to tidal salt marsh last March by breaching a bayfront levee.
Other leprosaria, including Carville, Hawaii's Kalaupapa on the island of Molokai and Peru's San Pablo, nab extra income as tourist attractions.
The demilitarization area includes San Pablo, a river town of 12,000 people, where paramilitaries started taking over a year ago.
MIGNON GARLAND, 91, a second-generation Isadora Duncan dancer and teacher who devoted her life's work to the conservation and presentation of Duncan's art, died September 15, 1999 at her home in San Pablo, California.
William Palmini, Albany Police Department, 1000 San Pablo Avenue, Albany, California 94706.
Nos Preparamos Para Recibir A Jesus (Text), Hijas De San Pablo (Pauline Books & Media) 2.
The African-American Museum and Library at Oakland (5606 San Pablo Ave.
He and his co-workers found evidence of three prior earthquakes when they dug trenches across the Rodgers Creek fault between San Pablo Bay and Santa Rosa.
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