San Juan

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the capital and largest city of Puerto Rico

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In addition to documenting daily discharges of untreated sewage, the EPA documented that the Municipality of San Juan failed to implement its own storm water management plan, including failing to establish storm sewer maps to facilitate the detection of illegal discharges, failing to implement a program to detect illegal discharges, and failing to provide routine cleaning and maintenance to its system.
Seaborne San Juan to Martinique Schedule effective August 31, 2015 through September 16, 2015
The 156-room Hyatt Place San Juan/Bayamon opened in December 2013, the 106-room Hyatt Place Manati opened in March 2014 and the 126-room Hyatt House San Juan opened in October 2014.
Services from San Juan to St Thomas are scheduled to leave at 08:25 and 15:15 and arrive in St Thomas at 08:53 and 15:43 respectively, return flights will leave at 09:30 and 17:30 and arrive back in San Juan at 09:59 and 17:59 respectively.
It was during a procession of the effigy of San Juan through barrio Carmen that Ochoa's 17-year-old-son Williams Alexander was killed while confronting gang members who were trying to disperse the procession.
One $5 million project in San Juan del Sur, known as Villas de Palermo, took advantage of the country's generous incentives on tourism investments.
2 miles, including bike lane section and backtracking from the peninsula's end to Balboa Island ferry); Naples Island (1 mile); Crystal Cove State Park (2 miles); San Juan Creek Trail (3 miles).
Flights will depart Dulles at 9 am, and will arrive in San Juan at 1:36 pm Return flights will depart San Juan at 2:50 pro, and will arrive at Dulles at 5:56 pm.
San Juan deliberately eschews the study of visual artists, engravers, patrons, and the Baroque monumentality they produced.
By the 1840s, San Juan had fallen behind other sugar growing towns as the plantations became more prosperous in other areas of Puerto Rico, such as Guayama, Ponce and Mayaguez.
On the day Colon presented his testimony, a federal judge in San Juan sentenced Garib to the maximum 10 years in prison for his involvement in an embezzlement scandal at the AIDS clinic that rocked Puerto Rico and sent shock waves all the way to Washington.
When you're driving a Cadillac, a girl thinks she's driving 65 when she's actually going 85 or a hundred," Chablis explained by telephone from San Juan, Puerto Rico--on a vacation she claims she earned after the mini whirlwind of publicity following her arrest.
Andrew Garcia, respected veteran director of his own company, singer, drummer, and dancer, now teaches in UNM's dance department with the blessing of the elders of his pueblo, San Juan.
Included in the Company's Puerto Rican expansion will be the city of Bayamon, which is close to San Juan.
Contract awarded for primary school expansion (second level management module and health services) caserio san juaneritos, the village of mejia, san juan sacatepequez
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