San Francisco Bay

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a bay of the Pacific in western California

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Any who consider food a major highlight in life or to a vacation will want to be sure to pack CHOWHOUND'S GUIDE TO THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA: it comes from a group of experts which concentrate on undiscovered places from Chinatown's noodle shops and dim sum restaurants to Oakland's Fruitvale, a mecca for Mexican treats.
Gerald Meral, a former deputy director of the California Department of Water Resources and a member of the Restore Hetch Hetchy executive committee, says that one way to allow water delivery objectives in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the local irrigation districts is to raise Don Pedro Reservoir and to connect it with the Foothill Tunnel, which passes directly beneath the reservoir.
San Francisco Bay 1800/San Francisco Bay 2000 essentially tells the same story, but does so is a way that feels subtler and more open-ended, allowing viewers to reach their own conclusions.
Perata, a San Francisco Bay Area liberal who is replacing the legendary John Burton as Republican Gov.
The non-profit Protect All Life (PAL) Foundation Tree Recycling Yard now is serving the San Francisco Bay Area, taking delivery on whole trees and lumber for recycling.
SAN FRANCISCO -- San Francisco Bay Ferry's much-anticipated service between the East Bay and South San Francisco launches today, Monday, June 4, marking the first new ferry service on San Francisco Bay in more than two decades.
The Monticello Inn's ``San Francisco Bay Get-Away'' package features a room for $135, single or double occupancy, continental breakfast, wine hour and choice of free parking or two San Francisco Bay cruise tickets.
SAN FRANCISCO -- San Francisco Bay Ferry's much-anticipated service between the East Bay and South San Francisco will launch on Monday, June 4, giving commuters a fast, stress-free alternative to the daily grind of traffic on the Bay Bridge and along Highway 101.
The 8,400-gallon oil spill in San Francisco Bay may not be major in size, but it packs a significant ecological threat because of its timing.
The new Virtual Voyage enables students to participate in MSI's San Francisco Bay marine science education programs online without leaving the classroom.
The Pan American Clippers that took off from San Francisco Bay waters and bridged the Pacific will have a display.
GMAC Real Estate announced that Avram Goldman, a widely known and respected San Francisco Bay Area real estate executive with nearly 30 years' experience, has joined the company as executive vice president of the Western Region for the Company-Owned Real Estate (CORE) offices.
SAN FRANCISCO -- STAR (Synagogues: Transformation and Renewal) announced today the growth of its Synaplex(TM) Initiative to seven more synagogues in the San Francisco Bay Area for a total of ten participating congregations with five receiving a prestigious Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund Grant to expand their Synaplex programming.
Company Enables One Lucky San Francisco Bay Area Family to Get the Ultimate Thanksgiving Feast with All the Trimmings
The interruption of a championship series paled next to the loss of life and property in the Loma Prieta earthquake, which killed more than 60 people in the San Francisco Bay area.
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