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In another, because the photo is in color and the subjects are members of the San Carlos Apache community today, including the photographer (Miles), the image suggests that the memory of the Geronimo campaign is a living legend in the minds of the people.
San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation: Fire Restrictions and area closures remain in effect.
Michael Reifel, a San Carlos Apache who will be the master of ceremonies at the powwow, said some people believe the roots of such gatherings are in ceremonies of old.
Besides the general Arizona season, the San Carlos Apache Reservation also has it's own season, which is where our hunt took place.
If you have the means, look into the elk hunting programs conducted on the White Mountain Apache Reservation, the San Carlos Apache Reservation, the Hualapai Reservation and the Navajo Reservation.
I work as a bean counter for the San Carlos Apache Reservation, and all of the San Carlos tags sold out quickly.
They discovered the claims were on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, which made them invalid.
Following our tour of Valley Telecom, Darren and I rested up to prepare for our meeting at San Carlos Apache Telecommunications Utility (Peridot) the next morning.
To date, we have worked with the Hualapai, Hopi, Tohono O'odham, Navajo, White Mountain and San Carlos Apache, Zuni, and Colorado River Indian Tribes to restore important habitat.
Tolino is White Mountain Apache and San Carlos Apache and Navajo, from Whiteriver, Arizona.
Graham in Arizona would have disturbed ground sacred to the San Carlos Apache, as well as the habitat of an endangered red squirrel.
In July, the San Carlos Apache tribal council voted to remain neutral on the project.
Subplot two: The mountain is sacred to the San Carlos Apache Indians.
The San Carlos Apache tribe, whose reservation is about 120 miles east of Phoenix, attempted to run its own law enforcement program in 1984.
Similar itinerant services from various VR offices around the state include services to the Papago in Southern Arizona; the San Carlos Apache in East Central Arizona; the Haulapai and Havasupai, both along the rim and within the interior of the Grand Canyon; and the Fort Mohave and Colorado River Reservations along the Colorado River bordering Arizona and California.
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