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a city in southern California to the east of Los Angeles

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In more than half of mass shootings, victims are killed before police arrive on the scene, but the San Bernardino shootings saw police arrive while the shooters were still active on the scene, Levin said.
Joe Baca, whose San Bernardino district lies smack in the middle of the proposed shipment route.
The complex is located in the San Bernardino sub-market of the San Bernardino/Riverside MSA.
Cal State, San Bernardino, now celebrating its 40th anniversary, is one of 23 campuses that comprise the largest public university system in the world--the California State University system.
He received his accounting degree from Southeast Missouri State, and in 1961, began his accounting firm in San Bernardino.
The Big Pines Highway thinning was approved in 2004, a year after 91,000 acres in the San Bernardino Mountains burned - destroying nearly 1,000 homes and killing six people - in a conflagration fueled by thousands of dead trees killed by crowding, drought and insects.
San Bernardino - The 10 Freeway from 10/215 Intersection to the Tippecanoe exit.
Though I am by no means an expert on police tactics, I am a graduate of the San Bernardino County's Sheriff's Reserve Academy and I served in the U.
Community Hospital of San Bernardino, a 321-bed facility, has served the healthcare needs of San Bernardino and surrounding communities since 1908.
The newest residential community in the city of San Bernardino opens this week, offering middle-class households the chance to own one of 54 single-family homes being built on the city's west side by ANR Homes, Inc.
Forest officials hope thinning the vegetation will head off a conflagration like the one last fall that devastated San Bernardino Mountains communities, which were surrounded by dense forest containing dead trees killed by crowding, drought and insects.
Entrepreneurs are the rock stars of the business world," says Bob Dixon, editor of The Business Press based in San Bernardino.
With Los Angeles County cases surpassing those in San Bernardino County, previously hardest hit in the state, the supervisors directed lawyers, health authorities and the agricultural commissioner to draft an ordinance to let officials go onto private property anywhere in the county and clean up standing water in which mosquitoes can breed.
The Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship at Cal State San Bernardino has announced the finalists for the 2006 Spirit of the Entrepreneur Awards program.
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