San Andreas Fault

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a major geological fault in California

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What's more, four medium-sized earthquakes had struck the San Andreas fault near the town, two of them within the critical zone thought to be the nucleation site for the next big quake.
The studies suggest that the Alaska fault system is similar to Southern California's and that the Southland could produce a similar event - a rupture on the Sierra Madre thrust fault that could trigger an earthquake on the strike-slip San Andreas Fault.
The 1906 San Francisco earthquake was the last quake greater than magnitude 7 to occur on the San Andreas Fault system.
2 earthquake would be far worse here because the San Andreas Fault runs right through areas such as the Coachella Valley - home to Palm Springs - and the San Bernardino Valley, along with the San Gabriel Mountains north of Los Angeles.
These findings provide previously inaccessible information about the San Andreas Fault activity and strength, said Los Alamos Paul Johnson, a geophysicist in Los Alamos Earth and Environmental Sciences Division.
SCAI), of Tulsa, Oklahoma, released a San Andreas Fault map that was created by their contour map software product, Mapping Contouring System (MCS).
Geological Survey said it was centered along the San Andreas Fault about two miles (three kilometers) northwest of Devore, in San Bernardino County.
High geologic slip rates since early Pleistocene initiation of the San Jacinto and San Felipe fault zones in the San Andreas fault system, Southern California, USA.
Washington, December 24 (ANI): A new study by University of California, Berkeley, seismologists, has suggested that the faint tug of the sun and moon on the San Andreas Fault stimulates tremors deep underground, suggesting that the rock 15 miles below is lubricated with highly pressurized water that allows the rock to slip with little effort.
Scientists have detected a spike in underground rumblings on a section of California's San Andreas Fault that produced a magnitude-7.
Lynch, Field Guide to the San Andreas Fault is a collection of twelve self-guided tours that enable both visitors and residents to take in the sights and natural splendors of California's San Andreas Fault.
Living near the San Andreas Fault, one can become so inured to the frequent tremors that he gradually forgets that living in California has always been something of a gamble.
One new finding about the 1906 quake is that the San Andreas fault split apart, or ruptured, faster than scientists had assumed at the time.
In the 1980s, seismologists noticed that the San Andreas Fault beneath Parkfield possesses an unusual trait: It seemed to produce neatly timed 6.
The San Andreas Fault cuts a slice more than 800 miles long through the coast of California--and right by San Francisco.