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French explorer in Nova Scotia who established a settlement on the site of modern Quebec (1567-1635)


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A l'automne 1615, Samuel de Champlain quitte Quebec et voyage vers l'ouest en compagnie d'amerindiens de plusieurs nations.
Topics include resistance to neoliberalism in the art world, issues of artists' representation and copyright, John Lennon and Yoko Ono's use of the mainstream media for their peace campaign, photography that challenges the hegemonic status of a statue of Samuel de Champlain by posing random people with it, performance art in the public sphere as an activist intervention in and of itself (because the "call to engagement is a call to action"), and "performance actions" protesting border policy and the Olympics.
When an amateur archaeologist is found murdered in the public library, inspector Armand Gamache quickly makes the discovery that he'd trying to locate the burial place of Samuel de Champlain, founder of Quebec - and murderous secrets had been unearthed in the process.
Lawrence in 1628, they were best known for booting Samuel de Champlain out of his Quebec habitation in 1629, and keeping it until diplomacy allowed Champlain and the French to return in 1632.
Sadu uses a song to tell of Mathieu Da Costa's work as a translator for Samuel de Champlain and Pierre Dugua de Monts.
Throughout 2008, Quebec and Canada commemorated the 400th anniversary of the founding of Quebec City by Samuel de Champlain with an extremely popular series of public events.
The fact that David Hackett Fischer has devoted his most recent book to a biography of Samuel de Champlain and the origins of the European settlement in Canada should fill contemporary Canadian readers and historians with a sense of joy, but also make them ask some questions about the endeavour.
She never dreamt she would one day write a book about Houdini and many other fascinating international figures including: George Washington Carver, Samuel de Champlain, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mark Twain and the Wright Brothers.
In his first foray into biography, Fischer has written the definitive life of the great explorer Samuel de Champlain.
David Hackett Fischer writes of Samuel de Champlain, who founded French Quebec four hundred years ago, that "[Champlain] wrote thousands of pages about what he did, but only a few words about who he was.
Two statues dominate Old Quebec City--those of Samuel de Champlain and Bishop Francois de Laval.
THE TOPIC: The French influence in North America can be traced in large part to one man, Samuel de Champlain, "the father of New France.
Samuel de Champlain (1580-1635) is known today as the "Father of New France.
Samuel de Champlain (1567-1635) combined three careers.