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United States filmmaker (born in Austria) whose dark humor infused many of the films he made (1906-2002)

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Freshly translated by Samuel Wilder, Describing the Past could be called a semi-autobiographical novella, or a meditation on the nature of memory, but there isnCt a genre that adequately captures the dimensions of this book.
Seagull Books puts their recent edition of Zaqtan's Describing the Past (gorgeously translated by Samuel Wilder, who has not left a flat sentence) with books by Ladbrokes listeesLEiszlE Krasznahorkai (20:1) and Ngugi wa Thiong'o (4:1), while also mourning the fact that the great Mahasweta Devi never took the prize .
The fact that a number of worthy titles — like Rabee Jaber's Confessions, translated by Kareem James Abu Zaid; Hilal Chouman's Limbo Beirut, translated by Anna Ziajka-Stanton; Lina Meruane's Seeing Red, translated by Megan McDowell;and Ghassan Zaqtan's Describing the Past, translated by Samuel Wilders — have escaped attention is certainly understandable, with such an immense pool of possibilities.