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English diarist whose diary contained detailed descriptions of 17th century disasters in England (1633-1703)


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Nicola Howell, director of The Royal Mint consumer division, said: "Samuel Pepys' diary had an incredible contribution to our current understanding of the historic events of the seventeenth century, so we're thrilled to be commemorating 350 years since his final entry."
| Samuel Pepys PS2 coin Diarist Samuel Pepys - who chronicled the Great Fire of London and plague - will also be honoured with a PS2 coin, 350 years after his last entry.
diarist Samuel Pepys " His long career was almost scuppered before it began - by thieves.
When he makes a delivery, navy official Samuel Pepys gives him a letter confirming the fate of his brother Will, who's been away at war.
This volume serves as a companion to the online English Broadside Ballad Archive (EBBA) and is a guide to the ballad collection of diarist Samuel Pepys (1633-1703) (the Pepys Ballad Archive (PBA) includes more than 1,800 broadside ballads).
I'm impressed so many voters had an in-depth knowledge of the style of Samuel Pepys and Henry III to put them in the top 10.
The 'Heroes' hitmaker who received the highest percentage of votes, has also beaten Samuel Pepys, who was famous for his courtly curls, the Independent reported.
On 1 January 1660 Samuel Pepys started to write his famous diary.
Oliver Cromwell was born here and he and Samuel Pepys were educated locally.
Starting out as the son of a poor London tailor, Samuel Pepys became his country's top naval civil servant, a Member of Parliament and President of the Royal Society.
The first is Thursday 1-4, the sexy violent black leather clad heroine of The Eyre Affair and the next three books; the second is Thursday 5 of The Great Samuel Pepys Fiasco, which "sold so badly it was remaindered in six months." There are the usual wacky events.
Samuel Pepys' Pepys' Diary (1598870262 $29.95) is an outstanding classic which comes to life in audio cd format, narrated by Kenneth Branagh whose background in film and direction lend to a vivid narrative indeed.
The most recent previous winner from the biography category was Claire Tomalin in 2002 for Samuel Pepys: The Unequalled Self.
Now, in order to keep things fresh, she has turned to seventeenth-century diarist Samuel Pepys (1633-1703) for inspiration.
The Coffee Club of Rota met in Westminster at the Turk's Head, where luminaries such as Andrew Marvell and Samuel Pepys discussed and promoted new political concepts, including the early adoption of the modern ballot box.