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a playwright and novelist (born in Ireland) who lived in France


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Before yesterday's operation the Samuel Beckett had rescued 661 people since its deployment to the Mediterranean while the vessels it replaced, the LE Eithne and LE Niamh, saved a total of 7,397 people.
Critique: Informed and informative, "Undoing Time: The Life and Work of Samuel Beckett" is an impressively written work of seminal scholarship and a critically important addition to academic library Literary Studies reference collections in general, and Samuel Beckett supplemental studies reading lists in particular.
The bridge will also have the second-greatest span across the river at 125m, five metres more than the Samuel Beckett Bridge.
Ackerley, '"Deux Besoins': Samuel Beckett and the Aesthetic Dilemma" (17-24); David Lloyd, "'Siege Laid Again': Arikha's Gaze, Beckett's Painted Stage" (25-43); Ulrika Maude, "Convulsive Aesthetics: Beckett, Chaplin and Charcot" (44-53); Sam Slote, "Pain Degree Zero" (54-66).
Irish actress Lisa Dwan, who took to the stage for the three |challenging, rarely-performed Samuel Beckett plays
Yet Samuel Beckett and Arnold Geulincx was always intended as an attempt at "tracing 'a literary fantasia": discovering Beckett's Geulincx, and in doing so, reassessing the longstanding questions his committed readers have had about the significance of this seemingly "un-Beckettian" philosopher.
This is the third of three unusual pieces by Samuel Beckett to be presented on stage at the Edinburgh International Festival.
Others to be given the honour in the past include Samuel Beckett and Brian Friel.
BEGENAT-NEUSCHAFER, Anne, 'Raum und Objekt in Samuel Becketts Le Depeupleur / Space and Object in Samuel Beckett's Le Depeupleur', in Sick, ed.
Mick Jagger, Lauren Bacall, Robert DeNiro, Bjork and Samuel Beckett are among the famous names snapped by photographer Jane Bown.
Highlights will be a weekend of free activities at Albert Dock, the second Irish Sea Sessions at the Philharmonic Hall, a week of early evening Irish film at FACT, a season of Samuel Beckett at The Unity Theatre, and the Damien Dempsey Band and Amsterdam performing at the O2 Academy.
Which title is shared by a hit 1970s US sitcom and a Samuel Beckett play?
PARIS, Oct 5, 2009 (TUR) -- Irish writer Samuel Beckett and Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet have been brought together at a performance "Beckett-Hikmet" by a group of young actors under the "Season of Turkey" activities in France.
One of the outstanding literary figures of the 20th Century, Samuel Beckett and his work is an aspect of every college and university English Literature curriculum.
According to the International Herald Tribune, the Literarian Award for Outstanding Service to the American Literary Community will also be presented to Barney Rosset, who through his publishing house, Grove Press and his magazine, The Evergreen Review, has influenced readership of authors such as Samuel Beckett, Harold Pinter and Jean Genet.