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Synonyms for SAM

a guided missile fired from land or shipboard against an airborne target

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Oom Sam spread out the document which Trent had handed him upon a tree-stump, and explained.
"Him white man just come," Oom Sam explained; "want see you do this."
'Number five,' said Sam, as he picked up the shoes, and taking a piece of chalk from his pocket, made a memorandum of their destination on the soles--'Lady's shoes and private sittin'- room!
'Vy didn't you say so before,' said Sam, with great indignation, singling out the boots in question from the heap before him.
'Oh, wery well, Sir,' replied Sam, 'we shan't be bankrupts, and we shan't make our fort'ns.
'My eldest brother was troubled with that complaint,' said Sam; 'it may be catching--I used to sleep with him.'
'If you'd sent word you was a-coming, we'd ha' had it repaired;' replied the imperturbable Sam.
"Halloo, Sam--O Sam! Mas'r wants you to cotch Bill and Jerry," said Andy, cutting short Sam's soliloquy.
dat's de time o' day!" said Sam. "It's Sam dat's called for in dese yer times.
but, Sam," said Andy, "you'd better think twice; for Missis don't want her cotched, and she'll be in yer wool."
Black Sam, upon this, scratched his woolly pate, which, if it did not contain very profound wisdom, still contained a great deal of a particular species much in demand among politicians of all complexions and countries, and vulgarly denominated "knowing which side the bread is buttered;" so, stopping with grave consideration, he again gave a hitch to his pantaloons, which was his regularly organized method of assisting his mental perplexities.
"'Just a-goin' to begin,' said Sam, endeavouring to disengage himself.
I meant to have given you five shillings this morning for a Christmas-box, Sam. I'll give it you this afternoon, Sam.'
I shall soon get in the way of it, Sam. Not too fast, Sam; not too fast.'
"'Let go, Sir,' said Sam. 'Don't you hear the governor a- callin'?