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(telecommunication) the frequency of sampling per unit time

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All the experiments were performed by the amateurs and it is expected that professional athlete's movements are even more dynamic, requiring higher sampling frequencies, for example, 1000 Hz.
Simulation was performed for two sampling frequencies of the radio signal envelope [f.sub.sampl] = 12 kHz and 24 kHz.
The normalized orientation deviation angles [[epsilon].sub.norm] obtained according to (26) for different sampling frequencies decreasing from 10,000 Hz to 4 Hz in a logarithmic scale are presented in Figure 1.
4, it can be concluded that for wide variations of the resonant and sampling frequencies the novel resonator [R.sub.n](z) introduces the smallest error (up to two times smaller when compared to [R.sub.1]b(z) and up to 25 times smaller when compared to [R.sub.1]a(z)).
The ADC sampling frequencies selected for the typical and proposed methods were 20.48 MHz and 5.12 MHz, respectively.
Since the growth of a plant is different during these phases, the monitoring of the plant requires different sampling frequencies. Thus, there may be an increase in frequency from one phase to another.
Suppose that the mean wind velocity is 30 m/s, the wind spectrum is the Kaimal spectrum [3], and the sampling frequencies used are 8 and 16 Hz.
Table 1 shows the monitoring periods, number of luminaires, sensors and receivers, and the sampling frequencies that were used at each test site.
Sampling frequencies over 5 Hz result in small standard deviation of incoming radiation below 1W/[m.sup.2].
Sampling frequencies of 2k or 5k samples/s (standard in data acquisition devices) enable good resolution analysis.
The AD9648 is a low-power, high-.speed, 14-bit dual A/D converter that consumes 102 mW/channel at 125 MSPS and features SFDR performance of 91 dBc at 70 MHz, With IF sampling frequencies up to 200 MHz, the ADC is desirable for designers looking for a dual high-speed A/D converter to build multimode digital receivers.
The AD9642 is a 14-bit A/D single-channel converter, which offers a 5 mm x 5 mm package size and IF sampling frequencies up to 350MH.
Figure 3 shows the range of errors (deviation from baseline) generated from the meter for a flow velocity of 15 fps at all four meter sampling frequencies (SPS) and both the low- and high-level pulsations that were tested.