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a Samoyedic-speaking person in northwestern Siberia

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Siberian breed of white or cream-colored dog of the spitz family


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Finally there are four Samoyed chapters, one on Tundra Nenets by Lotta Jalava, one on Forest Enets and Tundra Enets by Florian Siegl, one on Nganasan by Sandor Szeverenyi and Beata Wagner-Nagy, and one on Selkup and Kamas by Beata Wagner-Nagy (with the Kamas data contributed by Gerson Klumpp).
The Samoyed breed of dog is named after the Samoyed people of which geographical region?
The Springfield family that spans four generations decorated their tractor with all things festive: Christmas trees, gingerbread men, candy canes, stockings, bells, presents and a Samoyed dog dressed in a Santa suit.
"The Story of Rex of White Way: The Blizzard King" tells the story of a Samoyed breed dog who over the course of eleven years saved countless lives of many people as a sled dog throughout the frozen winter months and made a major difference through hard work and perseverance.
The death of Cruz -- a 3-year-old Samoyed who was found dead in mid-February just days after competing in his first and last Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show -- has rocked the dog-show community, with those who cared for the dog claiming foul play.
Summary: Potato the Samoyed, from Yixing City, can add, subtract, multiply and divide
They wanted to meet my dog Jingle, a little Samoyed rescue dog, so we all came back to my house for tea.
The most interesting part of this discussion is the story of how Samoyed dogs were procured in Siberia and transported to Khabarova on the shores of the Kara Sea, where Nansen brought them onboard Pram.
And despite working with dogs all day, Beverley has three dogs of her own that she proudly looks after - rough collie Callum, samoyed cross collie May, and terrier Bibi.
As a kid, I was the proud owner of a Samoyed, who was rather appropriately named Snow.
Regardless of this invocation of 'inherent fluidity' and the supposedly ceaseless momentariness of negotiations, these nevertheless take place in the medium of Kewa and/or Tok Pisin (possibly some English) rather than in Esperanto or in Samoyed. Therefore no amount of 'inherent fluidity' and 'ambiguity in communicative practices' will dispense with the fact that the native speakers are equipped with the tool (their language) that they know how to use for 'negotiating' their precarious identity that seems to come into and go out of existence with every opening and closing of their mouths.
DOG breeds such as the Akita, Lhaso Apso, Samoyed and Papillon will be on view at the festival's two-day open dog show.
As a collection dealing with images rather than texts, the editors have successfully surmounted the language barrier to let readers have direct access to the "sources." Most of the essays give enough cultural and historical context to communicate effectively with non-specialists and let the image "speak for itself." For example, Willard Sunderland's essay on the porcelain figures of "peoples of the Russian Empire" surely evokes both the inquisitiveness of the educated, upper-class Russians who owned them, as well as the acquisitiveness of the colonial project in a concrete way: instead of a porcelain shepherdess to decorate her shelf, the well-to-do Russian dame had a Samoyed reindeer herder, reproduced with ethnographic fidelity.
Various foot soldiers in this tale derived from the war on terror pass in and out of the narrative adding color and flavor: ordinary cops and detectives sacrificing life and limb to protect innocent Swiss civilians; next-door neighbors claiming to know how the old man replicated Nostradamus' experiments; the beautiful Samoyed dog whose appearance in the book--and brush with death--is what finally allows the reader to put all the pieces together.