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a native or inhabitant of the Samoan Islands

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Following the discovery, a Samoan woman aged 33 was detained at a private clinic in Setia Alam around 2pm.
My favorite Samoan foods are fish and taro, a root that's somewhat like a potato.
Samoan player Gordon Langkilde remains in custody in America after being arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault and battery causing serious bodily injury, according to San Francisco Police.
At the ambassador s event, the American Samoan athletes met with four Turkmen sports medalists who are part of the embassy's local guard force.
An RFU spokesperson said in a statement issued on behalf of the players read: "As players we feel it isn't our place to get involved in what appears to be a complex issue between the Samoan union and World Rugby."
But the clash will go on as SRU chiefs had agreed to cover the Samoans' costs in Scotland.
One was from Nepal and another from Thailand and at that time I was the only Samoan. We held forums outside the library several times a week, and enthusiastically debated the issues of the 1970s such as black power, women's liberation, and decolonizing our ideas about the past.
HEN in Dutch = KIP HEN in Latvian = VISTA HEN in Samoan = MOA
The Samoan submission specialist caught the escaping Irish on the top of the cage and held him back inside, hitting a Muscle Buster from the second rope for the three-count to keep the title within his clutches.
Samoa has achieved a major economic transformation over the last twenty years, largely driven by the services sector and remittances from Samoan diaspora overseas.
The lush, tropical Samoan islands are some of the most beautiful and exotic in the South Pacific and compare favorably with Moorea and Bora Bora in French Polynesia.
Bill Bowles made the journey from Shetland last week to watch South Africa, and although Scotland lost, he remains optimistic ahead of the Samoan clash.
The Samoan team had threatened to boycott this match because of the disgusting way they are treated by their national union.
The Samoa players had previously threatened to strike and miss the Test because of problems with the Samoan Rugby Union, before World Rugby and the International Rugby Players' Association intervened to make sure it went ahead.
New Zealand is now home to nearly 145,000 Samoans and Samoan is now the third most spoken language in New Zealand after English and Maori.