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an ancient city in central Palestine founded in the 9th century BC as the capital of the northern Hebrew kingdom of Israel

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Ongoing investigations promise to be very fruitful, and include studies on the nature of Judean society in this period, the relationship of Judeans to Samarians, and continued reflection on what Persian-period writers of the Bible meant by identifying themselves with "Israel.
Dynamics of abundance of bats (Chiroptera, Yesperolionidae) during hibernation in caves of the Samarian Luka over a 20-year period.
Furthermore, it turned out to be functional--many of the women who initiated the fashion lived in small settlements with few structures, exposed to the strong winds of the Judean and Samarian highlands.
and the settlers when they reach the point of a violent confrontation--when illegal settlements are dismantled, for example, or when Hebron and Samarian hill settlers periodically attack their Arab neighbors.
If you haven't realized this already, Demas is the Butcher of Beirut, General Sharon, Nefaria is Apartheid Israel and Elusia represents the 2 parts of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, the walled-in West Bank Samarian and Judaean Concentration Camps and the Gaza Concentration Camp.
See Story, supra note 109, at *6 (referring to the Samarian woman at the well in John 4:4-42).
Darley & Batson 1973) The seminarian volunteers in the experiment were variously prepared by the researchers to give a speech on the "jobs that seminary students would be good at" or a talk on the Parable of the Good Samarian.
REAL SALT LAKE: Rimando; Kipre, Pope, Torres, Wingert; Beckerman, Talley (Watson 61), Sturgis (Jimenez 61); Findley (Brown 45), Harris (Lancos 46), Samarian (Kirby 67).
According to the Book of Acts, Simon Magus is a Samarian man who inquires about purchasing some of the apostles' miraculous powers and is refused by an outraged Peter.
A Samarian indentured into the service of the Roman army as a youngster, he's become Arthur's right hand man and, as Gruffudd describes him, 'doesn't know anything else except being trained to be a killer.
She presents clearly the situation of the rural family in the Judean and Samarian highlands: a series of two storied houses, each with the bottom floor for livestock and tools and the upper floor for family, grouped to form a compound and inhabited by a patrilocal family (bet av).
The search for the best halvah in Israel took us to Achva Pure Sesame Seed Products in the Samarian desert east of Tel Aviv.
It's easy from here to reach the Samarian Gorge, a majestic wedge cut out of the mountains - it's well worth the trip.
The mountain aquifer covers the central area of the occupied territories on both sides of what are called in Israel the Judaean and Samarian Mountain range and extends generally from the Jezreal Valley (near Afula) in the North to the Beersheba Valley in the South and from the foot hills of the Judean Mountains near the Mediterranean in the West to the Jordan River in the East (See Figure 1).
Descending air bodies (toward the rift valley) become warmer and drier; hence deserts occur in the rain shadow of the Judean and Samarian mountains.