Salvadoran capital

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the capital and largest city of El Salvador

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16 its first coffee shop will open toward the end of next year in the Salvadoran capital.
I don't see why the lawmakers don't do it, given that they've been chosen by the people to look after our rights," the archbishop of San Salvador, Jose Luis Escobar Alas, said during a late July Mass in the Salvadoran capital.
The official launch ceremony was held at a plant outside the Salvadoran capital set up with capital from Taiwan, with Taiwan's Ambassador Carlos Liao on hand.
In Santa Tecla, a town not far from the Salvadoran capital that prides itself on its clean and prosperous streets, a mountain of garbage dislodged by the rains buried 25 people alive.
The FGR hasn't filed any formal charges, but it did order raids last month on a home Funes rents in San Salvador, the Salvadoran capital, and on various properties owned by businessman Miguel Menendez (also known as "Mecafe"), a close confidante of the ex-president and the recipient, according to news reports, of numerous government contracts during Funes' time in office.
Portillo, 52, boarded a plane to Mexico City from the Salvadoran capital of San Salvador.
The regional three-year, US$6-million project is funded by AECID and was launched in San Salvador, the Salvadoran capital, where SICA is headquartered.
Human rights activists on hand for his arrival at the Monsenor Oscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport in San Salvador, the Salvadoran capital, heckled the former military officer with shouts of "murderer" and "torturer.