corned beef

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beef cured or pickled in brine

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Info Lay the s che sa th yer up salt beef, eese and auerkraut in he ciabatta.
Fillings include The New York Giant (salt beef with pickles and American mustard) and The Italian (Mortadella ham, salami, mozzarella, tomato, pesto mayonnaise and leaves).
There are also fresh weekly specials, including dishes like home-cured salt beef hash with free range fried egg and slow roasted tomato.
It joins a range of quirky products launched as part of M&S's new summer food range includingGinKing (a gin wine), a lemon, gin and tonic sauce, British boozy bangers, beer and honey chicken flatties, stout glazed salt beef and British Beer coated peanuts.
By making their own bread, sausages, salt beef, gravlax and even the baked beans, Chong and his team have quality control over the flavours.
Hot salt beef is barely contained by crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside bagels, which slowly soak up the piquant pickle slaw and mustard.
Head chef Leon Higham and his team have come up with a menu of German dishes that perfectly partner beer, including Bratwurst and beer braised onions; brioche roll with Sauerkraut potato fritter and paprika mayonnaise plus salt beef and Sauerkraut Bierocks with mustard mayonnaise.
Beacon Burgers also serve up salt beef sandwiches, "piled high with mustard and pickles." Chucho's Tacos Freshly made Mexican tacos with a range of toppings, including pork, beef, chicken, chorizo and vegetarian/vegan.
The tour is a mix of family places that have been around for decades - fish & chips at Poppies, a perennial favourite; Mr Sammy's famous salt beef bagels at Beigel Bake; a half of bitter at proper boozer Pride of Spitalfields - and modern interpretations of classics, such as the indulgent briocheand-butter pudding at The English Restaurant, and a brilliant lamb pathia at Aladin in Brick Lane.
Food and drink I went for the salt beef sandwich, while Red went for a beetroot and feta salad (both PS6), with a glass of homemade lemonade (PS2).
Inspired by street food trends, the pub's main menu includes a choice of open burritos, such as shredded chicken and BBQ bean, alongside ribs, wings and colslaw, a salt beef sub and Rib Licker - pulled beef rib with gherkins and crispy onions.
The indoor pool was the ideal way to start the day - and work off the salt beef sandwiches I had been scoffing.
From the sandwich menu my last guest had the homemade salt beef sandwich (PS6.95) with triple mustard mayonnaise and rocket, and pickled cucumber.