Salix caprea

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much-branched Old World willow having large catkins and relatively large broad leaves

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3: ramas de Rhamnus alpinus, ramas de Buxus sempervirens (930038, 930046, 930047); --2: ramas de Abies alba, tronco y ramas de Salix caprea (930143, 930144, 930162).
Monofloral spring honey from Salix caprea and Frangula alnus was collected in the Lazdijai District.
Salix caprea (the Kilmarnock willow) requires sucker removal as well as some crown thinning.
ABSTRACT: A long history of forest use and management in Sweden has promoted conifer-dominated forests at the expense of deciduous trees such as Populus tremula, Salix caprea, and Sorbus aucuparia.
Picture: GETTY Short thrift DWARF weeping willow, salix caprea Kilmarnock, is ideal for creating a feature in a small lawn or in a large tub.
A THE leaves are from a Kilmarnock willow and both this and the native pussy willow, Salix caprea, seem to be having a bad time this year.
Mr Bradley, of Huddersfield, has sent me a sample of some leaves from his Kilmarnock willow, Salix caprea Pendula that have curled and are turning yellow with small brownish-purple marks.
If you want a weeper though there are a couple you might try which are both cultivars of the goat willow, Salix Caprea.
Salix caprea, the only tree-like willow, was at the top of the preference list.
If you want a tree in your garden but don't have much space, consider the Salix caprea "Kilmarnock" willow, which reaches a height of no more than 6ft (1.
Lakeland Limited has come up trumps with its Salix Caprea - that's pussy willow to you and me.
ATHE small weeping willow Salix caprea Kilmarnock would make a good focal point in a small garden.