Salisbury steak

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ground beef patty usually with a sauce

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My favourites were the lasagna and Salisbury steak.
She ate Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes, green beans and corn, peach pie with ice cream.
Is Salisbury steak available only as a frozen entity?
The classic favorites are also as popular as ever, with recent improvements like the use of Tyson(R) chicken, 100% Sirloin beef in the Salisbury Steak and Angus Beef in the Meatloaf.
I can't tell you how much Salisbury steak and macaroni and cheese I've eaten," says Billue.
The new operation is producing branded and private label frozen entree dishes such as Salisbury steak and chicken parmagiana, as well as a variety of frozen pasta products including lasagna.
CUTLINE: Hungry-Man Joshua Ives chows down his favorite Hungry-Man dinner, Salisbury steak, at his Sturbridge home.
An important component is a new generation of frozen meals that are a far cry from the beloved fried chicken, Salisbury steak and grainy mashed potatoes (in an aluminum tray, of course) of my youth.
Wednesday: Salisbury steak, brown rice, Normandy vegetables, tossed salad, banana.
Its 500 calories, 8 grams of sat fat, and 1,310 mg of sodium are in the same ballpark as a Stouffer's Salisbury Steak Dinner.
The 2003 fleet-wide kosher menu features the following choices: Baked Filet of Salmon Beef Burger Beef Bourguignon Beef Wellington Dover Sole Grilled Halibut Grilled Lamb Chop Grilled Salmon Halibut Herb Roast Chicken Breast Lamb Rack Lamb Rib Chop Lamb Shoulder Chop Lamb Stew Marinated Grilled Chicken Ox Tongue Red Snapper Rib Eye Steak Roast Chicken Salmon Salisbury Steak Sliced Lamb Sliced Turkey Soups, assorted flavors Stuffed Cabbage Veal Goulash Veal Liver Veal Rack Veal Rib Chop Veal Roulade Veal Schinitzel Veal Shoulder Vegetarian Burger Whole Chicken for Roasting Whole Duckling for Roasting Whole Turkey for Roasting
The spaghetti is quite tasty, along with the Salisbury steak and the sliced wienies in ketchup.
Lightlife Foods has introduced two new cutlets that should remind you of those tender years in the elementarty school lunch line: Salisbury Steak and Chick'n Style.
A similar patty is featured in Amy's Kitchen frozen Vegetarian Salisbury Steak Dinner.
In the Munchie Madness finals, Amy's Tamale with Roasted Vegetables triumphed over Healthy Choice Homestyle Salisbury Steak, racking up extra points for winning taste and innovative use of organic ingredients.
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