salicylic acid

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a white crystalline substance with a bitter aftertaste

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In vitro studies on antimicrobial activity of salicyclic acid and acetylsalicyclic acid as pesticidal alternatives against some soilborne plant pathogens.
Consequently, a Performance Verification Test (PVT) based on salicyclic acid RS tablets is no longer a requirement and there is a move towards using an enhanced form of mechanical calibration as a possible alternative, or at least as a precursor in support of chemical calibration using prednisone RS tablets.
8 ml of 5% (w/v) salicyclic acid in sulphuric acid was added and mixed thoroughly.
Adding SAX salicyclic acid further slowed the cure rate and lowered the state of cure.
the product line contains such prescription-grade therapeutic ingredients as benzoyl peroxide and salicyclic acid and was created to provide effective and economical skin care for the acne sufferer.
PAL has also been implicated in the biosynthesis pathway for salicyclic acid (SA), another defense related compound and a key signaling compound required for the activation of plant resistance genes, catalases, and receptor like protein kinases (Klessig et al.
herbs 1989) Pain Healthy volunteers Vitamin C Acetyl salicyclic acid (Konlurek et al.
offers salicyclic acid formulas under its T/Sal shampoo brand, which it pairs with T/Gel Therapeutic Conditioner.