Salicornia europaea

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fleshy maritime plant having fleshy stems with rudimentary scalelike leaves and small spikes of minute flowers

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While the highest yields per plant were produced in Salsola dendroides, the highest nutritional values were obtained from Suaeda microphylla and Salicornia europaea.
While the highest CP was determined on Suaeda microphylla and Salicornia europaea (Table 3), the highest ADF, NDF and ADL were obtained from Alhagi pseudalhagi (Table 4) and DMD, DE and ME from Salicornia europaea (Table 5).
With respect to species x location, the lowest NDF and ADF, and the highest CP, DMD, DE and ME contents except for ADL (in Petrosimonia brachiata) were obtained from Salicornia europaea in the seed maturity stage, but the best forage quality except for CP value (in Suaeda microphylla) was procured from Salsola nitraria in early vegetative stage (Fig.
alterniflora, percent bare space, percent Salicornia europaea, and temperature were correlated with patterns of leafhopper abundance ([F.
Similar to the species composition of British marshes in South Wales (Adam, 1990), the heavily grazed salt marshes of northern Germany (10 sheep/ha) were dominated by the perennial grass Puccinellia maritima and annuals Suaeda maritima and Salicornia europaea (Kiehl et al.
maritima and Salicornia europaea in Danish salt marshes (Jensen, 1985).
There was a decrease in biomass of Scirpus maritimus and an increase in the cover of the annual halophyte Salicornia europaea in plots grazed by Greylags.
In a population of Salicornia europaea, production of seeds per plant decreased from 936 to 36 as density increased from 130 to 8900 plants/[m.
Population biology of the salt-marsh annual Salicornia europaea agg.
Salicornia europaea is one of the most salt tolerant plants in general and is capable of growing under highly saline conditions on the lowest part of salt marshes (Ungar 1977).
Salicornia europaea seedlings were collected from a salt marsh in Rittman, Wayne County, in the northeast corner of the state of Ohio (long.
Population biology of the salt marsh annual Salicornia europaea Agg.
The processes important in determining the presence and dominance of Spartina alterniflora, Spartina patens, Salicornia europaea L.
The effect of seed dimorphism on the germination and survival of Salicornia europaea populations.