Salicornia europaea

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fleshy maritime plant having fleshy stems with rudimentary scalelike leaves and small spikes of minute flowers

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maritima and Salicornia europaea in Danish salt marshes (Jensen, 1985).
There was a decrease in biomass of Scirpus maritimus and an increase in the cover of the annual halophyte Salicornia europaea in plots grazed by Greylags.
Salicornia europaea growth and reproductive capacity is influenced by insect herbivory (the beetle Erynephola maritima and larvae of the moth Coleophora spp.
The amphipod Corophiurn volutator could be a significant factor in determining the lower limits of Salicornia europaea distribution (Gerdol & Hughes, 1993).
Salicornia europaea is one of the most salt tolerant plants in general and is capable of growing under highly saline conditions on the lowest part of salt marshes (Ungar 1977).
Salicornia europaea seedlings were collected from a salt marsh in Rittman, Wayne County, in the northeast corner of the state of Ohio (long.
height, internode number, nodes with branches, and dry mass of Salicornia europaea and Atriplex prostrata.
Results of one-way ANOVA for the effects of submergence in medium and low water treatments on growth parameters of Salicornia europaea and Atriplex prostrata.