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A novel salt-inducible gene SbSI-1 from Salicornia brachiata confers salt and desiccation tolerance in E.
Therefore, present study was conducted to assess the possibility of using Salicornia herbacea + Houttuynia cordata together with multi-microbe probiotics as broiler feed additives to obtain better efficacy on the aspects of meat fatty acid content as focus of consumer health aspects along with other parameters.
Primer registro de la utilizacion de harinas de Salicornia bigelovii y Scomber japonicus en dietas practicas para el cultivo super-intensivo de camaron Litopenaeus stylirostris.
Place them on the dish and garnish with Venus clams, salicornia tips and edible flowers.
The scientists of the council have purchased the seeds worth over 20 million rupees to grow Salicornia, but it was not planted and the project has been ended.
Seedlings of a variety of halophytic marsh species including Suaeda esteroa, estuary seablite, and Salicornia bigelovii, dwarf pickleweed, and a variety of coastal sage scrub species like Atriplex canescens, four-wing salt bush, have been successfully grown in greenhouses and transplanted for restoration purposes (Zedler 2001, Francis 2009).
Aviation biofuel feedstocks in Mexico are expected to include jatropha, salt-tolerant Salicornia and sewage sludge.
licuado OTROS: * 4 ostras * 4 hojas de ostra y acedera * 4 puntas de salicornia * bastones finos de manzana verde * C/S aceite arbequina PREPARACION: Jugo de manzana: Licuamos las manzanas con las hojas y pasamos por un colador fino.
In Abu Dhabi, a halophyte plant called salicornia bigelovii, that generates oil that can be used to make the biofuel, will be planted in the test farm.
In the Tamil Nadu village of Tetakudi, a vast expanse of salt-tolerant shrubs called suaeda maritime along with succulents called salicornia brachiata, known to locals as "chicken feet.
In Suwaihan about 50-kilometers in east from Abu Dhabi city, in collaboration with the UAE University, Salicornia plantations are being done which will be irrigated by seawater.
Chemical compositions of the marine algae Gracilaria salicornia (Rhodophyta) and Ulva lactuca (Chlorophyta) as a potential food source.