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Synonyms for Saktism

a Hindu sect worshiping Shakti

worship of Shakti as the wife of Shiva


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Sukla therefore rightly observes that Sridhara's ontology of Bhagavata is a harmonization of the Vedantic monism with Sankhya-Yoga system, Pancaratra cult, Saktism and Saivism.
For instance, in his commentaries on three Bhagavata texts, he has accommodated, like his predecessor Madhva, a healthy compromise between dualism and monism, Saivism and Vaisnavism, and between Saktism and Vaisnavism.
Whereas the former combines Saktism ('Ma'-Laksmi) with Vaisnavism ('dhava'-husband-Visnu), the latter points to a happy marriage of Saktism and Saivism--'Uma' epitomizing Sakti and 'dhava' in this case signifying Siva.
The narrative proceeds in time through the latter part of the nineteenth century with its resurgence of Saktism in the service of anti-colonial nationalist politics.
The overriding thesis, well articulated and pervasive throughout, states that the Sakta lyric and Saktism generally become "sweetened" or softened over time.
It is by virtue of Sakti that the one becomes multitudes and again, it is the same Sakti that takes all multitudes back, at the state of utter annihilation, for final dissolution into one justifying the non-dualistic stance of Saktism.
Tantricism which is an extension of Saktism attests (to) the non-dualistic philosophy of Upanisads and the mystic worship of Sakti as female energy on the basis that the Universal Mother is the reservoir of boundless grace, illimitable mercy and infinite knowledge.
This concept is originally Indian because Saktism and Tantricism visualized the primordial Sakti as all pervading.
Atherton finds that the Gurjara Pratiharas were important both because they introduced an interest in Vaisnavite Hinduism (into an otherwise dominant focus on Saivism, Saktism, and Surya worship), and because they were important patrons of temples and sculpture.
Basham, "Notes on the Origins of Saktism and Tantrism," in Sudhakar Chattopadhyaya Commemoration Volume (Calcutta: Roy and Chowdhury, 1984), 148-50.