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the female or generative principle


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Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon uses the entertainment education model of communication to focus on issues that are prevalent in all parts of India.
We've seen a growing trend for sugar and gluten-free options, and have found it critical to adapt to market demand," says Sakti.
The Borneo Project's research into the Taibs' North American property was prompted by pleas for help by Ross Boyert, former CO0 of Sakti International and Wallyson's.
She is the energy in the Sun, the fragrance in the flowers, the beauty in the landscape, the Gayatri or the Blessed Mother in the Vedas, colour in the rainbow, intelligence in the mind, potency in the homeopathic pills, power in Makaradhvaja and gold oxide, will and vicara sakti in sages, devotion in bhaktas, Samyara and Samadhi in Yogins.
Tjahja Sakti Motor for BMW from Germany and later PT.
Meimei's best friend, Sakti (Tora Sudiro), is an architect in the same firm; his obsessive quest for bodily perfection, combined with genial good looks and a fab wardrobe, are easy clues to his (albeit closeted) homosexuality.
3 million) of Bulog's funds to PT Goro Batara Sakti in a land swap deal,'' said Judge Lalu Mariyun, head of the panel of judges at the South Jakarta District Court.
Saturday's two-hour awards ceremony - which includes a dozen performances from such well-known, single-named belly dance entertainers as Baraka, Judeen, Katia, Sabura and Sakti - is the centerpiece of four days of Oriental dance events, starting today with a lecture and reception, a shopping trip Friday through the garment district, and a brunch and fashion show Sunday.
Married Dr Sakti Guha, 53, told the jury this was the way he examined his patients.
The following two chapters use those images to do with mystical power - what it is, how it is obtained and used by those most adept at it - to develop a discussion of the concept of sakti.
which is to say] characterized by jnana sakti (cognitive power)" (A.
Durga (Sanskrit: "the Inaccessible") In Hindu mythology, one of the many forms of the goddess Sakti, and the wife of Siva.
The adherents worship the divine power in its female aspect ( sakti ).