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Synonyms for saint

a person who has died and has been declared a saint by canonization

person of exceptional holiness

hold sacred

declare (a dead person) to be a saint

References in classic literature ?
Then Little John began to beseech Saint Dunstan for money, which he did in a great loud voice.
Then straightway he began calling on Saint Dunstan again, somewhat in this wise: "O gracious Saint Dunstan
I thought," quoth Little John, "that thou hadst missed, in some odd corner of thy pouch, the money that the blessed Saint had sent thee.
Being holy men, I trust that ye would not belie your word so pledged, therefore I know the good Saint Dunstan hath sent this in answer to my prayers.
LAST March 19, the Catholic Church celebrated the feast of Saint Joseph, husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus.
The author of this attractive book has written a dozen books, including one on saints; he also regularly writes in newspapers and discusses the lives of saints on TV.
Higgins is not averse to a more relaxed stance, whereby saints are seen, not as miracle workers, or intercessors with special access to God, but as fellow companions on the Christian path who have struck a chord with us.
If the Saints lose their finale at Tampa Bay, they would likely secure the second pick since their opponents have the worst record among the contenders, the criteria the NFL uses to break ties in the draft order.
Solid and sentimental, with a pleasant blend of comedy and pathos, Saint Ralph is the product of Telefilm Canada's new emphasis on funding films with commercial potential.
In Worldly Saints, Maiju Lemijoki-Gardner, a Finnish historian, draws largely on the evidence of their hagiographies in a study of Dominican penitent women in Italy between the thirteenth and the early sixteenth century.
John Kitchen has recently set out to challenge this belief, arguing against the interpretation that men and women represented female saints differently.
The second contrasts three types of saints the author calls "popular," "local," and "official.
The Stable Outlook reflects Fitch's view that the strategic initiatives set in place by management will yield increases in utilization and revenues in the near term and that Saints will narrow its operating losses in fiscal 2009.
The Saints notified the state that it wanted out of the lease of its headquarters and was considering invoking an act of God clause to free itself from its lease with the Superdome, allowing Benson to leave after this season without repaying $81 million in state subsidies.