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In 1956, the Isselburg, Germany, nursery of Herman Holtkamp introduced the strain of Rhapsodie Saintpaulia, a non-dropping single flower.
Evolution and development of floral diversity in Streptocarpus and Saintpaulia.
The baron's discovery was noted by naming the plant after him: Saintpaulia ionanatha.
Mr and Mrs Garland from Bradley have a small collection of saintpaulia (African violets) that do not seem to be performing very well and would like to know what the ideal conditions are for them.
One in each case: (a) Does not grow from a corm: crocus, lobelia, cyclamen, (b) Is not identified with Scotland: pine, thistle, daffodil, (c) Is not a crab-apple variety: Crimson Gem, Golden Hornet, John Downie, (d) Is not a lawn-grass: fescue, pampas, bent, (e) Is not a plum: Purple Pershore, Victoria, Plump Picker, (f) Does not belong to the onion family: chives, mint, scallions, (g) Is not a runner bean: Galaxy, George's Special, Scarlet Emperor, (h) Is not related to the cabbage: wallflower, primrose, stock, (i) Is not suitable for a bog garden: thrift, iris, marsh marigold, (j) Is a house plant not grown for berries: capsicum, saintpaulia, solanum.
Q i recently bought a lovely Saintpaulia and would like to take some cuttings from it to give to friends.
Such things could intimidate a gardener attempting to grow Saintpaulia ionantha, but African violets are actually one of the easiest houseplants to grow.
Gesneriad Society International and Saintpaulia International.
No plant will grow permanently in the same pot, although there are some, such as Saintpaulia (African Violets) and Styreptocarpus (Cape Primrose) that flower best in almost pot-bound conditions because the root ball is small in relation to the top.
The shows under glass include amaryllis, freesia, iris, gerbera, zantedeshia, saintpaulia and cyclamen across the two months of spring.
When a saintpaulia (African violet) droops, leaves break off, and the plant struggles to survive, there are two probable reasons ( one bad, the other worse.
OUT OF AFRICA: The stunning Saintpaulia Eglert Purple violet