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Pontificates fly by in a jumble of Benedicts and Innocents, but some details stick in the memory: Saint Bridget of Sweden was canonized three times--in 1391, 1415 and 1417--once by each of the three prelates who simultaneously claimed the papal title during the Great Western Schism; Padre Pio was once visited by Satan disguised as Pope Saint Pius X.
color) Saint Bridget of Sweden Catholic Church members Bill and Nancy Mouzis and the Rev.
RECENTLY, ON THE SEVENTH CENTENARY OF THE birth of Saint Bridget of Sweden, the pope sent a message to Saint Bridget's Order of the Most Holy Savior, praising its foundress as "an example for women today .
Who is this Saint Bridget, I wondered, who will inspire me to act on behalf of the dignity of women and other excluded groups?
Saint Bridget was and had helped bring the pope back to Rome.
Wednesday, September 8, 2010, Mass at Saint Bridget Church, Route 9, Framingham Center.
Ray Morales, of Saint Bridget of Sweden Catholic Church in Van Nuys, said the church's usual congregation of 1,400 families can grow by several hundred during the holidays.
Even though great saints of the church--Saint Ambrose, Saint Jerome, and particularly Saint Bernard of Clairvaux--write admirably of Saint Jude, and others such as Saint Bridget of Sweden were known to be devoted to him, devotion to Saint Jude did not become widespread until this century.
Karen is coordinating with Sister Pia of Saint Bridget College for a possible free formal education for these wards.
Wednesday, September 8, 2010 Mass at Saint Bridget Church, Route 9, Framingham Center.