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aircraft supported only by the dynamic action of air against its surfaces

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Jim Tecu has taken to the air in a sail plane glider, a gyroplane and a Cold War vintage Czech jet fighter.
Add this to his outstanding work with charities, his writings and his flying a sail plane (yes, flying a sail plane), and you can see why Schwartz never "wishes he did" but wonders what else he can accomplish.
T-51 (C-150) Cadet Flying Team aircraft, piper Super Cub tow plane, TG-10B basic sail plane trainer, TG-10C aerobatic sailplane trainer, TG-15 A/B advanced cross-country glider, T-41D (C-172) TACAV and flight test aircraft, UV-18B parachuting jump plane.
Laminar wings are currently only used on sail planes and small business jets.
Mark only joined the club about a year ago after a background in paragliding but quickly became a qualified solo pilot in sail planes.